Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2012 Calendar Shoot: Day 3

Another beautiful morning here in Beaver Creek! We start today with our first shot at the famous Holden Cabin right on the Beaver Creek Golf Course. Becky is our first model of the day and our first western theme. Shepler’s Western Wear provided us some really beautiful cowboys boots and hats for this year’s calendar shoot that are perfect for quite a few of our locations. We loaded up the cars for the quick drive from Bachelor’s Gulch to Beaver Creek (just around the corner), unload our staff and equipment and get started. We have a 9 a.m. deadline to finish before the first round of golfers make their way to hole 14, right where we are shooting at Holden Cabin. Becky is stunning and in incredible shape. Her job requires it as the Director of Fitness for a local fitness company and a Broncos Cheerleader. I love the setting of her photo and the way that it captures the feel of Beaver Creek.

Next up on the schedule was Tristan, one of our rookies. Anderson Cabin, right around the corner from the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, was the setting for her photo. For Tristan, we decided on a snow shot and borrowed some really cool white furry Tecnica boots to complete her outfit. Right in the middle of her photo shoot, a huge storm rolled in and fast! We barely had time to get the equipment covered and Tristan covered before everything was soaked. 15 minutes later, it was clear and sunny!

Our next location was a little further up the mountain at the famous Trapper’s Lodge. This lodge is so cool! It is right on the ski run and during the winter, guests are shuttled up the mountain on the snow cats with their luggage. You can even hire a personal chef to cook for you all week while you ski and enjoy the scenery. We had originally scheduled to shoot 2 cheerleaders at the Lodge, but the weather would not hold up. Kara, another rookie to the team, enjoyed the stormy weather in the hot tub at Trapper’s Lodge until another major rain cloud rolled in and we headed down to find an indoor location for Lindsey.

The Ritz Carlton has several Penthouses on the top floors of the hotel that are privately owned. The management of the Penthouses was kind enough to let us shoot Lindsey inside and we were able to stay on scheduled despite the weather! Again, I can’t say enough how accommodating the Ritz Carlton staff has been for our hectic week in Beaver Creek. Really incredible!

Our last shot of the day was Toni. We had been rained out the day before and were hoping for a beautiful sunset after a day of rain and sure enough, we got it! There is a beautiful lookout spot just up the road from the hotel and it was an amazing Broncos Sunset. So many Broncos fans stopped by to watch the shoot along with a few fans of other teams that we converted to the orange and blue.

More to come tomorrow!