Friday, April 30, 2010

Belles Expand to 30 Open Dance Positions

The Belles Performance Team is excited to announce some exciting new changes to their program. After opening their official dance studio in 2009, Allana's Academy of Dance in Littleton (AAD won the Denver Channel’s 2009 A-List award for Best Denver Dance Studio), and winning top awards for their community participation, the Belles are expanding their current program to open 30 professional level dance positions to the Colorado dance community. Owner and Executive Director Cher Fox explains the organization’s new direction…

“The Belles Performance Team is in demand more and more by the community each year. To meet this need, we are expanding the organization into 2 teams, a community facing parade team to continue our outstanding participation tradition and a performance focused team that will be the foundation of the new Adult Performance Company for our studio AAD. Both teams will continue to wear the red, navy and white uniforms of the Belles brand and work together as one within the organization and community to provide the 1st class entertainment the Belles’ organization is known for. The 2 teams will also allow flexibility for participating dancers to be on a team that fits into their lifestyle – at a skill, time and financial commitment level.”

The Belles are returning to an audition format in 2010 to fill the available positions. Prep classes to acquaint ladies with the Belles program and prepare them for auditions begin in July. Auditions will be held in mid-July.

“After releasing out first ever calendar this year, our organization’s next goal is to prepare for a 2011 USO tour,” shares Fox. “With the existing 24 – 40 performances and thousands of hours of community participation on our schedule each year, we are looking for talented and committed ladies to prepare for the 2 week military tour and keep our regular performance schedule on track. As our studio expands and community participation demands increase, we plan to expand the Belles program to over 45 dance positions in the very near future. Now is a great time to start, continue or wind down your dance career with the Belles Performance Team.”

Audition information can be found on the Belles website here.