Monday, January 12, 2009

Venom Vixens - Project Angel Heart Charity Event Blog from Jenna

A few weeks ago, the Venom Vixens took part in Project Angel Heart. My personal experience in this program was truly a one of a kind experience. We decorated bags with warm thoughts to be later delivered with food in them to people in need of our and your help. I had so much fun spending time with my girls and the two Cobra football players who helped out (special thanks to Donny Moore and Jamie Krueger). Who knew we were all so artistic and creative!? We made so many bags so quickly without even knowing it. I highly encourage everyone to go out and participate in any community service project (especially this one). They offer you a chance to give back to our community in the best way possible; by helping those in need.

Check out more pictures from the event on their website.