Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Denver Nuggets Dancers

Nicole Hurdle performs during a break in the NBA playoffs.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Cheerleaders Logo Release

The RMRGC finally get their own logo! Based on the RMRG derby league logo, the removal of skates and the addition of poms and boots bring a classic but devilish flair to the original logo.

Schedule your DPC Audition ASAP!

Well, ladies...They have officially decided to expand the team to 12 because of the caliber of candidates to choose from!!! If you have not already scheduled your audition, please do so ASAP! Sunday p.m. and most of Monday are still available. See you soon!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Time is Running Out! DPC Auditions

They want to begin by saying thank you for the overwhelming response they have received. They have decided to expand the team because of the talent level of the inquiries they have received and are going to hold private auditions through Sunday, April 27th. Please let them know ASAP if you would like to audition for the 2008 Denver Pirate Cheerleaders so that they can make their final selections.

Email DenverPiratesCheer@hotmail.com.


Auditions for the 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets Dancers will be held in August (date TBD). Prep classes will be held in July to prepare interested candidates for the style of routine to be taught at the audition. To receive information about upcoming prep classes and auditions for the 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets Dancers, please fill out this online form.

For further information, please e-mail dance team director Amy Jo Wagner at AJWagner@PepsiCenter.com.

Morgan Alum Reaches Her Ultimate Broncos Goal

Fort Morgan Time Sports Editor

“It (Broncos interview) was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done.”

The pain in Liz Harris’ neck wasn’t even connected to the 20 Denver Broncos judges who were probing her football knowledge with John Lynch-like intensity.

NFL fun Special To The Times Fort Morgan native Liz Harris, above, smiles while performing at the Denver Broncos cheerleading tryout earlier this month. Harris’ second try was a successful one as she’ll be busy at NFL games like the Broncos cheerleader pictured at right.

“I was practicing my dance routine a few days before and jammed my neck,” the 2000 Fort Morgan High School alumnus revealed. “I twisted a vertebrae, so I had to go visit the chiropractor before I went back for the tryout.”

Ouch. Not a good sign considering this former Mustang state medal-winning gymnast had already failed one year earlier in her first attempt to make the Broncos cheerleading squad.

Plus, at age 26, Robert and Teri Harris’ daughter was also admittedly one of the oldest among more than 200 dancers competing for the 34 roster spots.

“It’s not something you can do forever,” she said. “At some point, you do get too old.”

Yet Liz never surrendered a goal that began “when dad started taking me to Broncos games around age 9.” The family purchased season tickets right near Mile High Stadium’s 20-yard line, exactly where Liz could closely observe what was then a brand-new cheerleading/dance team.

Meanwhile — and perhaps just as importantly — she became equally interested in what was happening on the gridiron. Liz loved all the names from John Elway to Jake Plummer to especially...

“Karl Mecklenburg (former Pro Bowl linebacker). I was a big fan of him, and I think it was mainly because of the way the (public address) announcer said his name,” she recalled.

This football knowledge played a huge role in “the most nerve-wracking thing” she’s ever done. Performing before 70,000 fans was no sweat, because Liz danced for and now coaches the University of Colorado’s “CU Express” team.

However, standing still while being questioned easily became the most stressful part of this spring’s Broncos cheerleading tryouts.

“You get dressed in a business suit, go in on Sunday and stand before those 20 judges,” Liz explained. “They ask you personal questions, football questions and you have to know the Broncos roster. They asked me to name one tight end, and I knew three: Tony Scheffler, Daniel Graham and Nate Jackson.”

In other words, Liz basically “aced” this exam like Elway dominated his final Super Bowl appearance. She credited all those Broncos games plus current boyfriend Reid Kahl, another 2000 Mustang alum who now coaches the Wheat Ridge High School football team.

“Oh yeah, we’ve been known to have the NFL Network on all day,” she said.

But while Liz enjoys football, she was truly delighted about resuming her number one reason to take on the weeklong Broncos tryout process.

“I was just thankful I could get my dance clothes back on and do what I do best,” the Arvada-based hairstylist revealed.

A “Staying Alive” theme developed as 200 prospects were cut to 100, then 69, then down to small groups of three. Contenders must learn a specific dance as judges observe every technique including kicks, splits and pirouettes.

Finalists then perform their own creative dances that “showcase” their specific talents.

“After you’re done, they (the judges) tell you ‘we’ll be back in 20 minutes,’” Liz said. “But it’s more like an hour and a half.”

That’s a time when Liz could focus on other good Fort Morgan friends like “old” buddy Kollette Klassen. Kollette’s pursuing other life goals after spending the past few seasons as a Broncos cheerleader, but that will never break a bond that began during their Morgan elementary school days.

“She (Klassen) has been my best friend for 19 years,” Liz explained. “And she’s helped me so much through this journey. Most don’t make the (Broncos cheerleading) team their first year, and Kollette encouraged me to try again. Plus she’s such a calming influence — whenever I look at her, my nervousness just goes away.”

So a nearly 90-minute wait was no problem, especially when Liz received the long-awaited good news on this Sunday, April 6:

She’d earned her spot on this year’s Denver Broncos cheerleading team.

That’s three recent Bronco cheerleaders who’ve owned Fort Morgan ties: Liz, Kollette and Morgan resident Emily Harper. Harper has also decided to pursue other activities this fall.

Both the fun and hard work are still ahead for Liz. Practices begin in June and there’s a weeklong trip for the annual cheerleader calendar photo shoot.

Liz will continue to coach the CU Express dance team while traveling throughout the Denver area for her full-time hairstyling profession. She also spends one day each week working with Call’s Wheat Ridge team on strength, flexibility and agility.

Don’t forget the many hours of community events involving the Broncos cheerleading team.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the Broncos juniors cheerleaders, and hopefully being a good influence for them,” she said. “It is a lot of work. You never sit down on (Broncos) game days. You’re constantly on the go.”

Liz also mentioned that her travels include one day a week of hairstyling work in Fort Morgan. Those interested can contact her at (303) 768-6910.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Belles Invited to Perform in India

“I was so surprised to receive the phone call last week”, exclaims Cher Fox. “What an amazing opportunity!” Fox, Owner and Executive Director of the Belles Performance Team, received a phone call and a follow up email from the Indian Premier League, inviting the Belles to perform in India for their cricket playoffs in April and May. The IPL is the top Cricket league in India, and considered very similar to the NFL in the United States.

“At first I thought, this can’t be real,” shares Fox. “I forwarded the email to my coaches and they reacted similarly.” After doing some research on the internet, Fox discovered the NFL Washington Redskins Cheerleaders were already in India, 12 ladies promoting cricket and building a new India based cheerleading squad for one team, the Bangalore Royal Challengers. Redskins Director of Entertainment and Cheerleaders Donald Wells is also onsite heading up this effort. This week, 12 cheerleaders representing Australian rugby teams Wests Tigers, Melbourne Storm and the St. George Illawarra Dragons, are heading to India to add to the excitement.

“Unfortunately with such short notice, we were unable to attend,” explains Fox. “We just held auditions for our summer team and many of our dancers are students. This opportunity fell right during finals and we had to take their educational commitment into consideration when making this decision for our organization.” Fox believes the Belles were likely one of many American teams contacted for this opportunity. But she was honored that the organization was considered.

“This invitation confirms that although the Belles do not support a traditional sports team, we have an international appeal as an All American team of dancers and women,” states Fox. The Belles have been looking outside of the states for performance opportunities. Fox reveals that they have been preparing to submit an application for a USO entertainment tour. The application process is very thorough and it has taken the organization some time to create and gather all the necessary information and materials to apply.

“The Belles will become international entertainers very soon,” assures Fox. “The IPL plans to contact us again next year, hopefully earlier in the year, so we can be ready to share our spirit with India and the international fans of Cricket.”

Click here to see the latest news from the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders in India.

Click here for video of the WRC.

Click here for the Washington Post's article on the WRC.

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Click here for the Redskins' announcement of their Cheerleaders' trip to India.

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Auditions for Denver Pirate Cheerleaders Details

Hey ladies!

Are you ready to hit the field and to become apart of the best football team in the CFC,? Well then get ready! We are holding private auditions all week to fill in the last few spots available on our squad. Practice starts next week so email us at DenverPiratesCheer@hotmail.com.

Check out the team at Colorado Football Conference!

Please be sure to send us a head shot, your phone number and a list of dance experience so we can schedule you ASAP. We are excited to meet you!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fluid Dance Convention

Friday, April 18, 2008

P-R-O Convention Registration Now Open!

Atlanta, GA, April 15, 2008: All-Pro3, Inc announces open registration for the 5th Annual P-R-O Convention. Sideline beauties from around the world will participate in an “ALL THINGS PRO” weekend of choreography and team building. Want to share your space with only the Pros? We are glad you found us. Need some sideline dances that can be used on your football field, basketball court, hockey rink, or soccer field? We’ve got you covered. Interested in dancing for the Directors and Choreographers IN the professional cheerleading business? Then you’ve come to the right place. June 7-8, 2008 will be when the magic happens.

The hottest Professional Cheerleaders in the land will embark on a weekend of dance at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport. Registration includes lunch both days and tons of free stuff from our sponsors. We’ve even got a few surprises lined up…but if we told you about them…how could they be a surprise?

Visit us at AllPro3.com to get a sneak peak at our world class convention.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meet & Greet - The Venom Dancers

Come meet the Cobras Venom Dancers!

Sunday, April 20th, 6 pm.

At The Famous Door, 1345 Cortez St, Denver, CO 80221

Monday, April 14, 2008

Denver Outlaws Dancers

As we wait patiently for the new roster, here is a highlight video from 2007.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2008 Belles Performance Team Announced

Congratulations to the 2008 Belles Performance Team and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Cheerleaders!

Danielle Denton*
Karen Elliott
Jennifer Erickson
Patricia Fasso*
Cher Fox*
Misha Harris
Erica Hopkins*
Wendy Kraus*
Marya Myszczynski*
Katie Parisian*
Stephanie Robins*

* Denotes Veteran.

Karen Elliott is a former 2 season NFL Seattle Seahawks Seagal Cheerleader and holds the titles of 2003 Ms. Fitness USA Champion and 2004 Ms. Fitness World Champion. She is also a very experienced international fashion and promotional model.

Misha Harris brings over 10 years of dance experience to the BPT. She is also a runway, print and promotional model as well as a youth cheer/poms coach and choreographer.

Jennifer Erickson brings over 7 years of cheerleading, dance and tumbling experience to the BPT.

They are very excited and honored to have these amazing ladies as well as all of their returning talented veterans.

Monday, April 7, 2008

2008 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

Front Row (left to right) – Jen Kelly*, Jessica Flores, Valerie Scott*, Kaoruko Horiike*, Shelby Britton*, Lindsey Dudley*, Serita Archuleta*, Melissa Lopez-Aust*, Stephanie Smith*, Perry Jackman, Katie Kosters

Middle Row (left to right) – Romi Bean*, Terita Walker*, Sarah Karlan, Kimberly Hildago, Bri Bateman*, Stefanie Buttars, Alex Taylor*, Erica Golding, Amanda Brophy, Janelle Mangrum, Amanda Lofland, Lauren Gardner*

Back Row (left to right) – Elizabeth Harris, Nicole Moore*, Rebecca Bolan*, Katie Layman*, Christina Connolly, Jessie Greenberg*, Sara Oliver*, Mary Johnston*, Brenna Lee, Jamie Dukehart-Conti*

* Denotes Veteran.

Jessica Flores is currently finishing her 2nd season as a Colorado Eagles Chick.

Katie Kosters is currently finishing her 2nd season as a Wild Bunch Dancer. She was a 2007 DBC finalist.
Kimberly Hidalgo is currently finishing her 1st season as a Nuggets Dancer.
Stefanie Buttars is currently finishing her 4th season as a Nuggets Dancer. She is also a former Wild Bunch Dancer.
Erica Golding was a former Wild Bunch Dancer and Colorado Rapids Cheerleader.
Amanda Brophy is currently finishing her 2nd season as a Nuggets Dancer.
Janelle Mangrum is currently finishing her rookie season as a Wild Bunch Dancer. She was a 2007 DBC finalist. She is also a former Denver Outlaws Dancer and Colorado 14ers Dancer.
Amanda Lofland is currently a Rockstarz dancer. She is a former Colorado Crush Girl and Colorado Crossover dancer.
Elizabeth Harris was a 2007 DBC Finalist.Brenna Lee is a former 2 season Colorado Crush Girl.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Broncos Cheerleader Tryouts Down To Final Cut

DENVER (CBS4) ― Sunday was the last day of tryouts to become a Denver Broncos cheerleader. Only 34 of 200 women who have tried out will be picked to cheer on the sidelines.

"Something that draws attention to that performer that makes you want to watch them, and that's what we're looking for," said Teresa Shear, Director of Cheerleaders. "Also a connection with our fans."

As the cheerleaders got ready for the interview portion of their tryout, CBS4's Arturo Santiago said he found an opportunity to learn some secret reasons why a girl would want to be a Broncos cheerleader.

"So I can do the calendar shoot and travel to a really warm tropical place," Kristin Wolff laughed.

"I just like getting all gussied up, to be honest," Sarah Rosenthal said. "I just like dancing in front of people."

CBS4's Vic Lombardi was one of the judges. Some of the girls said he made them nervous.

"I'm definitely nervous, but it's nerves mixed with excitement," Rosenthal said.

"I just got the nerves ... so I'm kind of ready to get in there and do it," Wolff said.

The Broncos cheerleaders have appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and CBS4's Broncos Live with John Lynch. They've also traveled around the world in support of U.S. troops.

View the final interview video here.

5 Part Broncos Cheerleader Finals Coverage

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Belles Performance Team Video