Sunday, April 6, 2008

Broncos Cheerleader Tryouts Down To Final Cut

DENVER (CBS4) ― Sunday was the last day of tryouts to become a Denver Broncos cheerleader. Only 34 of 200 women who have tried out will be picked to cheer on the sidelines.

"Something that draws attention to that performer that makes you want to watch them, and that's what we're looking for," said Teresa Shear, Director of Cheerleaders. "Also a connection with our fans."

As the cheerleaders got ready for the interview portion of their tryout, CBS4's Arturo Santiago said he found an opportunity to learn some secret reasons why a girl would want to be a Broncos cheerleader.

"So I can do the calendar shoot and travel to a really warm tropical place," Kristin Wolff laughed.

"I just like getting all gussied up, to be honest," Sarah Rosenthal said. "I just like dancing in front of people."

CBS4's Vic Lombardi was one of the judges. Some of the girls said he made them nervous.

"I'm definitely nervous, but it's nerves mixed with excitement," Rosenthal said.

"I just got the nerves ... so I'm kind of ready to get in there and do it," Wolff said.

The Broncos cheerleaders have appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and CBS4's Broncos Live with John Lynch. They've also traveled around the world in support of U.S. troops.

View the final interview video here.

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