Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Belles Performance Team Auditions

The Belles Performance Team, Colorado's only independent professional style dance team is looking for adult women dancers 18 and older to join our nationally traveling dance troupe this fall/winter season. We perform NFL/NBA style jazz, hip hop, pom pon, novelty and kickline routines for over 1.5 million people each year including televised events.

Auditions are this Saturday, September 29th, at Better Bodies Cardio and Fitness Centers at the corner of Wadsworth and Jewell Avenues in Lakewood. Registration starts at 11:30 AM, the audition begins promptly at Noon.

- Warmup
- Technique
Skills – pirouette turn, split leap R or L, to touch jump, axle turn jump
- Performance Routine
4 8 counts - strong arm motions, technique execution, overall “sale” of the routine execution
- Interview (application, BPT general knowledge, getting to know you)
- Kickline 4 - 6 8 Counts
Skills – high kicks, strong head motions, splits, balance
- Additional Skills – tumbling, jumps, advanced jazz technique (toures, fuetes, switch/center leaps, etc.)

1st Cut
If you are selected here, you are selected to 1 week Bootcamp starts Sunday, September 30th Noon
Bootcamp (Sunday, September 30, Tuesday, October 2, Thursday, October 4)
Learn additional material (4 routines), get to know us and our style/ we get to know you
Final Cut
Thursday, October 4th, Audition process is complete, the team is selected

What to wear/present
- Sports bra
- Form fitting shorts
- Hose/tights as needed
- Dance shoes or cross trainers you can dance in
- Socks as needed
- Hair down, done for performance, going out, etc.
- Makeup done – full eyes, lips, more then day wear
- Major tattoos should be covered
- Jewelry to a minimum – nice pair diamond or CZ earrings, wedding ring, no watch, necklace, etc.
- Smile, energy, beauty, enthusiasm, knowledge

What to bring
- Photo ID with birthdate
- 2 photos – 1 headshot, 1 full body (do not have to be professional)
- Copy of Medical Insurance Card
- Completed Application
- Resume
- $20 cash fee/$10 if you attended the Pre-Auditions Workshop
- Water bottle/snack
- Makeup/Hair touchups/towel

Visit the BPT official website for audition details and you MUST register for an invitation to audition. Don't be a sideline attraction, be the main event!

Colorado Crossover Dancers

Some behind the scenes pictures from the 2007 season...

Crush Girls Audition Update

Due to the introduction of a new Crush Girls Director, the auditions are expected to take place sometime in December 2007/January 2008. Stay tuned for more details!

Broncos Country

Cheerleaders Mandy Adams and Whitney Gustafson sign autographs in Trinidad.

Nuggets Dancers Tour Europe, Visit Armed Forces

The Denver Nuggets Dancers along with Supermascot Rocky and Nuggets TV Host Jay Evans, departed from Denver on Aug. 31 for a twelve-day tour of United States Military bases throughout Europe, as part of the Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. Everyone was extremely excited to take part in this tour, and for some it would be their first time overseas.

The girls pose for a photo on Lakenheath Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. CLICK HERE to view more photos from the Nuggets Dancers trip to Europe.

The first flight was directly from Denver to Munich, Germany and was roughly 10 hours long. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our tour bus driver, Armin “Hollywood” Hein. The Dancers first appearance was in Garmisch, Germany at the Edelweiss Lodge, which is a lodge for members of the U.S. Military and their families. The show the Dancers and Rocky put on for the troops in Garmisch was roughly two hours long and consisted of dance routines, song and dance numbers, as well as a lot of crowd interaction and participation.

From there, we flew out of Germany and went to three different locations throughout the United Kingdom. The Dancers were able to meet many more of our men and women in the service and were actually able to climb up into F-15 fighter jets.

After three days in the UK, it was time to fly back to Munich. The Dancers stayed at a very old hotel in Velburg, Germany and were able to perform at the largest Military base outside of the United States, known as Hohenfels Army Base. As we had learned while we there, this base was once a Nazi training camp with which the U.S. had taken control of after World War II. The following day, the dancers took a tour bus to Belgium and did one last show taking in the sights and sounds of Brussels, Belgium.

Overall, it was an unforgettable, eye opening experience for everyone involved. We would like to sincerely thank Armed Forces Entertainment for having us, all of the men and women that we were fortunate enough to meet throughout our travels, as well as everyone in the U.S. Armed Forces. We are proud to have been able to assist even in our own small way. We wish you the best of luck and a safe return.

By Sarah Schachterle, Nuggets Dancers Director/Choreographer

Monday, September 24, 2007

Director's Corner - Teresa Shear

Teresa Shear began her career with the Denver Broncos in 1993 as a cheerleader. Prior to coming to the Broncos, she was a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers for four seasons.

Shear is a graduate of Fresno State University with her degree in Biology and Chemistry. Entering her 15th season with the Broncos Cheerleaders, Shear is now also in charge of Game Day Entertainment (pregame shows, halftime shows, National Anthem, flyovers, Color Guard, etc.).

In her free time, Shear enjoys spending time with her family and running. Her most recent accomplishment is running her first marathon this past June in San Diego.

A Final Mile High Salute!

Last night was a big night at INVESCO Field at Mile High. The occasion? The Ring of Fame–created in 1984 by Pat Bowlen recognizing and honoring Broncos team members who played momentous roles in the organization’s history. This Ring of Fame dinner was to welcome and celebrate its newest inductee — Terrell Davis.

The event dually honored alumni, while presenting Terrell Davis with the honor that only 20 other members of the Denver Broncos can be associated with. In tribute to the Broncos Alumni Weekend, individuals from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s as well as some existing Ring of Famers gathered to share their mutual admiration and put their hands together for a career well done. After an introduction from Pat Bowlen, Mike Shanahan, and a highlight video it was time for the guest of honor. Terrell Davis accepted his newest achievement in true T.D fashion, humorously including stories of his years in the league, emitting humility, gratitude and sincere thanks to all of his coaches, fans and mentors, and of course topping it off with a Mile High Salute to solidify his final thought.

This season we begin every game with the Mile High Salute to honor that legacy and encourage support amongst the entire Broncos community. Every single time I look up at the 20 (now 21!) Ring of Fame names engraved at INVESCO I am reminded of the sweat, tears, passion and determination that have gone into every single game day to make each season…each day count.

Terrell Davis was one of the first 5 runningbacks to gain 2,000 yards in a single season. An instrumental ingredient in Denver’s two Super Bowl winning season’s in ‘97 and ‘98, earning (as you may recall) Super Bowl MVP; rushing for 157 yards and three touchdowns in a win over Green Bay in ‘98. While I was not a member of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders during those Super Bowl wins, I was definitely a fan of the championship team, and that kind of talent is impossible to deny.

His ultimate career stats speak for themselves–rushing 7,607 yards and 60 touchdowns, and recording seven straight 100-yard rushing performances in the playoffs, an NFL record. This fact left Mike Shanahan, Mr. Bowlen and all in attendance wondering the same thing–Hall of Fame for the 6th round pick?

This evening acknowledged TD in Broncos Country–now many of us are anxiously awaiting the day number 30 is retired in Canton, Ohio in the football Hall of Fame!

Perhaps John Elway says it best, “There were so many times I’d just stand back there, and I had the best seat in the house to watch him run…. Personally, I think he should be in the Hall of Fame. I think if you look at the years that he carried the ball, it’s almost like an Earl Campbell. The number of touches that he had for a four-, five-year period, if you take those and spread them out, it pretty much equals a 10- to 11-year career. I mean, we used him to death, and he took a heck of a beating for those four, five years when we wanted to get the ball in his hands.”

God Bless!
Keela (9/22/07)


Hello there Broncos fans!

I’d like to do another Q&A blog this week.

Please send me any questions you have about the Broncos — cheerleading calendars, careers, game day, charities, health and fitness, tryouts or anything else. I’ll either answer them in the comments section below or try to incorporate them into future blogs.

Send me your questions!! Click here to submit your questions.

- Laura (9/19/07)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Q&A with the BPT - Captain Wendy Kraus

This is your third year on the squad. What brings you back year after year?
The wonderful ladies that I get to spend so much quality time with. I love volunteering and performing in the community, but being able to do those things with incredible women makes it that much more exciting.

What is the best part about being a Belle?
The best part of being a Belle is the wide variety of performance opportunities. In one season we performed at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Opening Ceremony and the Colorado Springs Sky Sox AA baseball league. Having the opportunity to perform at these different venues gives us the ability to use a wide variety of dance styles, which keeps me challenged as a dancer.

What is your current career and what are your career goals?
I am currently a Program Specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado and have really enjoyed the privilege of working with so many incredible families and volunteers in the Denver Community. My future goal is to become a non-profit event coordinator working with corporate sponsors for fund development to support programs that benefit today's youth.

What is your most memorable moment as a Belle?
My most memorable moment as a Belle was at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. We were trying to take a picture on the infamous Purple dragon in the front entrance when one of our members dropped her I.D. at the dragon's paw. Little did we know that under the Dragon's paw was a large hole about 2 ft deep. When asking the hotel for assistance we never imagined that they would come out with crow bars and yellow caution tape, but that is exactly what they did. They tore the purple dragon apart while we stood in uniform watching in horror as a crowd formed 5 people deep. By the end of the ordeal we got the I.D. back as well as many others objects including the original sealant tubes that were supposed to cover the hole more than 20 years ago. That day will forever be known as the day that the Belles slayed the Purple Dragon.

If someone wants to be a professional dancer/cheerleader, what advice would you give to them to achieve their goal?
I would tell them that they need a big heart and an even bigger backbone. A professional dancer/cheerleader is no stranger to disappointment, hard work, criticism, and is not afraid of failure. We put ourselves through intense physical and emotional challenges on a regular basis to satisfy a passion that really only has a self fulfilling reward. It takes twice as many rejections as it does acceptions and those who can get torn down and build themselves back up are the elite. We are a breed all our own and it is worth every second if it is what you really want. Learn from all your experiences and hold your head high every time you walk away from an audition and a performance knowing that you really did gain something.

What does it mean to you to be on this dance squad?
Dancing is my passion and it has been a huge part of my life, so for me it fulfills a personal need. It has also helped me to make some life long friendships that I will always be grateful for.

What is the one interesting fact most people don't know about you?
I have always wanted to be an Olympic Diver.

Broncos Cheerleaders in Action

Thanks to Professional Cheerleader Blog reader Ashley who sent these photos of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders performing outside the stadium prior to last Sunday's Oakland-Denver clash.

To see the rest of the submitted photos, including some on the field during preseason, click here.

Nuggets Dancers Visit Armed Forces in Europe

The Denver Nuggets Dancers brought their American spirit and extraordinary dance skills to troops stationed throughout Europe from September 2-9. The Nuggets Dancers and Supermascot Rocky made appearances in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom throughout their trip. Photos and stories from their trip are coming soon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Q&A with the BPT - Captain Erica Hopkins

This is your third year on the squad. What brings you back year after year?
The amazing women I get to dance with and the incredible opportunities and experiences we get to be a part of, those things I can always rely on.

What is the best part about being a Belle?
The opportunity to dance at so many different venues and the fans.

What is your current career and what are your career goals?
I am a Business Major at Metro State and plan to work in International Business.

What is your most memorable moment as a Belle?
Every time we perform!

If someone wants to be a professional dancer/cheerleader, what advice would you give to them to achieve their goal?
Work harder than you've ever worked before, don't give up.

What does it mean to you to be on this dance squad?
It means hard work, discipline and of course lots of fun!!

What is the one interesting fact most people don't know about you?
I studied Modern dance in Boulder before I was a Belle.

BPT Pre-Audition Workshop

Pre-Audition Workshop, Tuesday, September 25th from 8 - 10 pm to be held at Better Bodies Cardio and Fitness Center located at 7777 W. Jewell Ave, the corner of Wadsworth Avenue and Jewell Avenue, in Lakewood, Colorado. All audition material will be taught this evening, 3 days to practice, no surprises at Auditions, Saturday, September 29th, registration at 11:30 am, Audition starts promptly at Noon.

The Pre-Audition Workshop format will be as follows:

Information (30 minutes)
- What the Belles organization is about
- Next season's expectations
- Question/Answer

Warmup/Stretch (30 minutes)

Technique (30 minutes)
- Across the floor jazz level dance technique
- Audition basic skills review

Toe Touch
High Kicks

Choreography (30 minutes)
- Choreography tips and material teaching


- Wear comfortable clothes you can move and dance in
- Wear dance shoes or cross trainer fitness sneakers
- Bring a Photo Id showing your date of birth
- Bring water/drink and a snack to keep your energy up
- Bring a printed copy of this email for entry into the Pre-Audition Workshop
- Bring the $10.00 cash Pre-Audition Workshop entry fee (no checks or credit cards will be accepted)

You must pre-register to attend the workshop online at Hope to see you there!

R&R with the BPT and Planet Beach

Planet Beach Contempo Spas welcomed the Belles for some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation after their triple performance earlier this month.

The team is welcomed at the Virginia and Wadsworth location in Lakewood.

Cher gets ready to use the Hydration Station to hydrate her skin before a UV tan.

Katie enjoys a warm Aquamassage.

Patti gets ready to enjoy a Platinum level UV tan.

Erica gets ready to enjoy a Mystic tan after using the Hydration Station.

Wendy prepares to enjoy a Basic level UV tan after using the Hydration Station.

Visit your local Planet Beach Contempo Spa today to improve your health and wellness!

Monday, September 17, 2007

2008 Calendar

With their heavenly beaches, gorgeous sunsets and luxurious resort amenities, Iberostar Cozumel, was the ideal location for the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders to descend upon for their 2008 swimsuit calendar.

The calendar portrays the beauty, athleticism and diversity that the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders possess along with a twist of Broncos football.

The 2008 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Calendar can be purchased at retail outlets throughout Colorado – including the Denver Broncos Team Stores, the Tattered Cover and Sportsfan. You can also order online by click here or print and mail our PDF order form.

To check out the squad's trip to Cozumel, click on the image above.

Broncos Country

Terita Walker and Rebecca Bolan sign autographs in Broomfield.

Jessie Greenberg, Jenn Kelly and Miles display the flag given to Estes Park Mayor John Baudek.

Rebecca Bolan and Whitney Gustafson sign their photos in the team yearbook in Colorado Springs.

Whitney Gustafson shares a smile with a young fan in Sterling.

Finding the Strength to Heal

I am sure many of you heard about Buffalo’s Kevin Everett who was severely injured Saturday’s games when he collided with Bronco Domenik Hixon. I saw on the news yesterday morning that he is doing remarkably well, better than most expected. I know that he received excellent care from the team physician, doctors, and nurses and that their actions were what initially put him in a good position to heal. Although I have never met Kevin, I suspect it also has to do with his strong will to recover.

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders do a lot of work with Craig Hospital, a center located in Denver that focuses on the rehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. Last year, I was fortunate have met an inspiring patient. Months before I met him, he was on a vacation with his son in Malibu, CA. This man was involved in a shark attack, him leaving him paralyzed. Despite this difficult situation, he kept a remarkable attitude. Instead of focusing on his condition, he remained positive and told everybody that he was going to walk again.

Sure enough, he has made a lot of progress. I have remained in touch with this patient through email and I am very impressed. He is well on the road to recovery and has had so much support. The mind is very powerful and it is amazing what positive thoughts can do.

I am keeping Kevin Everett in my prayers and am thinking about his friends and family. I hope with the support of those around him, he has the strength to fight through this. I wish him the very best!

- Laura Sobon (9/13/07)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Xpress In Action

Joke of the Week

So glad I found this out - How to weigh yourself

I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years.
We MUST get the word out.

- Thank you to Wendy K. from the Belles for her submission.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Red, White and Blue Storm the Pepsi Center

After an exciting performance at Six Flags Elitch Gardens' annual Spiritfest Competition on Saturday, September 8, the Belles got down to business and attended the in game entertainment open call auditions for the upcoming Denver Nuggets basketball season.

"The Belles have already been offered a pregame performance for the Nuggets next season", states Cher Fox, Owner and Executive Director. "But obviously, an in game entertainment spot, either during a timeout, quarter break or halftime, will have more Nuggets fans in their seats to enjoy our performance. Wish us luck!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cool Captain of the Icicles Dance team

A new home in a new city and a new job at a new school meant a lot of changes for Rehannon Pekny. Looking for familiarity after moving to Fort Collins from Nebraska, the sixth-grade teacher turned to dance.

“Teaching is my passion and teaching dance keeps me going,” Pekny said. “I’m not a happy person unless I’m dancing, and I know that.”

The 26-year-old decided to be proactive and contacted the Colorado Ice, northern Colorado’s new indoor football team, to see if they were going to have a dance team.

“I said I wanted to be involved no matter what,” she said.

She applied for the dance coach position and was hired in September. She held three tryouts and formed a team of 11 girls from Denver to Fort Collins to be the Colorado Icicles.

“One of the hardest things is getting our name out there,” Pekny said. “We are a semi-professional team and are at that level,” she said. “We want dancers at that level.”

Pekny started dancing at a young age and has continued her whole life. She has taught lessons for years, danced for the NIFL League, coached the Nebraska Cranes dance team and started her own dance program.

“Dance gives me the ability to express myself through movement and relieves stress,” Pekny said.

She is trained in all forms of dance, but she particularly enjoys hip hop and jazz.
“I’m a white hip-hop girl,” she said.

Her biggest goal for the team is for it to be active in volunteering in the community.
“I really hope our team can interact with the community, create a welcoming positive atmosphere for kids and parents and bring an entertainment piece to the games.”

When she isn’t working at Walt Clark Middle School in Loveland, she is usually doing things for the dance team. Though the juggling makes for a busy schedule, Pekny is happy to do it.

“It feels good to get back to dance,” she said.


Name: Rehannon Pekny, 26, of Fort Collins
Company: Colorado Ice
Title: Dance coach / captain / choreographer
How long have you worked there? Since September


What is it about this job that makes it challenging?
Since this is the first year the Colorado Ice is here, we are trying to get our name out in the community.

Makes you get out of bed in the morning?
My love of life, which includes dancing.

Things that impress you?
Honesty, commitment, and charisma

Things that don’t.
People who act like the world is out to get them.

How do young/new employees get ahead?
Perseverance! You have to believe to achieve.

Did you ever think in a million years you’d work here?
I was hoping to be in this position. Considering that dance is a passion of mine, I am very blessed to be where I am today.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you do?
I would be trying to start a youth dance program.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done while at work?
Me— make stupid mistakes?ha!

Choose dancers that are not only talented at dance, but also have good morals and beliefs.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done to make money?
Actually, my cousin and I decided to work with Axe and be “Axe Angels.” We had to dress up in heels and fake glasses and hand out samples of Axe products to individuals. After 3 grueling days and 20 hours we were done! Good money, but never again!

What’s the one thing you wish you could do on the job that you can’t right now? Nothing, I love my job.

Name one thing in your life that really prepared you for your job.
My parents taught me to be independent and set goals. They helped to realize that I am the only person who can either succeed or fail. In my case I chose success!

What’s the biggest payoff in your job?
I love to work with people. In this position I am able to interact with the community in many ways. It’s fun to bring a smile to a person’s face.

Are you the boss?
Of my team— yes, of the organization— no.

Do you think you should be?
Because I am so independent, I often like to be in charge, but I believe my boss does an exceptional job.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
I play with my cat and dog, run, read, grade papers...

Family? Pets?
FiancĂ©— Sean Haines, cat— Princess, dog— Denali.

Favorite TV shows?
“CSI Las Vegas” and “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Wizard of Oz

“The Giver” and any book by James Patterson.

What Web sites do you have bookmarked?
All “teacher” Web sites.

Where do you play? Go out to eat?
Colorado is new for me... I am constantly trying out new restaurants... so far my favorite is Island Grill.

Favorite spot?
Anywhere outside (in nice weather, of course).

Welcome 2007-2008 Eagles Chicks

The Eagles would like to welcome their 2007-08 Pioneer Press Eagles Chicks.

Top Row (left to right): Erika, Alyssa, Lyndsey, Katrina, Sarah, Melissa.
Middle Row (left to right): Katy, Rachel, Annie.
Bottom Row (left to right): Jenny, Kalyn, Jessica, Emily, Krista.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Year of Firsts

Hello Broncos fans! This is Shelby Britton. I’m a rookie this year and Laura’s guest blogger for the week. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share with you about some first-time experiences I’ve had this year – both as a first-year Broncos Cheerleader and in my personal life.

A few weeks ago I participated in the Tri for the Cure, a women’s triathlon to benefit the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. I’ve never participated in a marathon or anything like a triathlon so I was very nervous as well as excited. I entered the non-competitive “buddies” class in honor of my mother-in-law who is a survivor. The sprint triathlon was held at Cherry Creek Park and over 3,000 women participated.

I trained as much as possible beginning in March between auditions and rehearsals for the Broncos Cheerleaders. I completed each section of the triathlon separately several times while training. However, I was worried about the swim because nothing can really prepare you for an open-water swim with 100 other women swimming right next to you, kicking and bumping into you. I had also never done all three portions of the event back-to-back before the day of the event. As a novice triathlete my only goals were to run without walking, swim without stopping and bike without coasting.

The event started with a .5-mile swim in Cherry Creek Reservoir, then a 12-mile bike ride and finally 3.1-mile run (half of which was uphill!). The first wave at 7 a.m. included the elite athletes, followed by the second wave of honored breast cancer survivors who received a very loud encouraging send-off. At 8:30 a.m. I plunged into the water with the other 100 women in my wave. Surprisingly I felt pretty calm and was able to make it out of the water in 19 minutes. The bike portion took me 44 minutes and included beautiful views of the park and the mountains. I suppose I could have improved my time if I had not been looking around so much! Upon my return to the transition area I still felt good and had some energy left, but my legs were shaky and the start of the three-mile run was a tough one. It took all my concentration to move my legs up the hill for the first few minutes, but in 30 minutes I was running across the finish line! My first triathlon was a success!

I had not walked or “doggie-paddled” and I pushed myself throughout the whole bike ride. I finished 1,314 out of 3,000 and am very happy with my ranking. Maybe next year I will enter the competitive class and step it up a notch!

Meanwhile, as a team, the Broncos Cheerleaders are participating in the Race for the Cure next month before the San Diego game on October 7th and I hope you will all consider joining us! It’s only 3 miles – piece of cake! You can check out our Director Teresa’s blog for more information.

So far this year has been a year of firsts for me – my first triathlon, my first year as a Broncos Cheerleader and this week I will compete in my first A-circuit hunter/jumper horse show after 15 years since my last horse show. I’ll be riding a 16-hand Thoroughbred/Warmblood named Aria in the High Prairie Fall Preview at the Colorado Horse Park. We will be showing in a hunter division over fences and I’m looking forward to the excitement of showing again.

And, of course, I’ve already experienced my first game as a Broncos Cheerleader — stepping onto the field to perform for the first time before the Cleveland preseason game was a thrilling experience I will never forget! I can’t wait for the regular season home opener against the Raiders. It should be an exciting game and another amazing first experience for me this year.

Go Broncos!

- Shelby (9/4/07)

Sunday Play

I must be honest, it is quite a treat to have a few more bloggers throwing their comments my way. I do appreciate you stopping in. I know there are some that just stop in to read and others who take a few minnutes to comment and I appreciate both — that is what makes it fun to have a blog — regardless of of why you stopped in thank you for the interaction!

It is Sunday and the organization is celebrating our win over Buffalo this afternoon. We do not travel with the team, so today we were busy doing a little work of our own. I had a charity with Serita Archuleta this afternoon, a fellow cheerleader, off of Wadsworth at Clement park — The Buddy Walk, hosted by the Down Syndrome Association. What an amazing way to spend my Sunday morning. Teams of friends, families and co-workers gathered to walk for those, close or distant, impacted by Down Syndrome. Events like this are incredibly rewarding because of the experience they leave you with–we welcomed and cheered for the teams as they passed the finish line, commending families on their accomplishment. We also signed posters for the second half. However, the afternoon had nothing to do with the tangible things we completed, like I said, the afternoon was that of an experience.

Mothers, daughters, fathers, uncles and friends walked to recognize someone specific. Some shirts had team names of who they walked for and others attended or volunteered because they believed in the cause. When people ask me what my favorite part is of being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader the first thing that comes into my mind and heart is the people that I meet and the events we are welcomed into. People all around the Denver community welcome us into their personal arena’s weekly and their lives are beautiful! I was just glad to be a part of the day.

I met my favorite great-great-grandmother today named Doris — she finished the race with her family by her side — she was 100 years young and truly the most beautiful woman. The theme of every person that I met today was complete joy — I could see Doris walking towards the finish line from a ways back, she just kept on walking and talking — the part about her that I loved though?? Her smile. She smiled the entire way. We got to take a picture with her and talk only for a moment, but it was really very special to me. In that brief moment I met a woman that represented so many of the attributes that I find grace and joy in–her heart, mind, family, knowledge, persistence, and determination. I met so many awesome and inspirational young kids today who brought light to our conversations simply by their smiles.

I got home just in time to catch the end of the fourth and the most significant 14 seconds of the game between Cutler, Walker and Elam to top it off with a win! I get the tipping suspicion that this season won’t just come and go without a few more suspenseful quarters to make a little history. Hey this is Broncos Country right?! Anything and everything can happen. The story continues next week with our first regular season home game against the Raiders!

Until then have a wonderful week!
God Bless,
Keela (9/9/07)

2007 - 2008 Nuggets Cheer Team

Guys Left to Right:
Chris Niemeyer, Chad Jourdan, Ryan Turner, Jason Carpenter (Captain),Scott Sample, Jordan Strauss, Jason Butler, Chris “Hemo” John (Head Coach), Ryan Hardy, Shad Heffernan, Kyle Knutson (Captain), Rick Sauvageau, Adam Menefee (Assistant Coach), Craig Callen, Josh Teague, Warkim Giles.

Girls Left to Right:
Courtney Paul, Amber Dutenhoeffer, Holly LeForce, Stefanie Perry, Lauren Curtis, Stephanie A. John (Head Coach), Aspen Summerlin, Shannon Andrews, Jill Anderson, Lisa Bottinelli, Denise Echavarria, Adrienne Lowe.

Not Pictured:
Tyler Barnes, Kimmie Marcum, Sarah Hodan.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Broncos Country

Broncos Cheerleaders Mandy Adams and Jesse Greenberg visited the town of Edgewater to thank fans for their support.

Broncos Cheerleaders Lindsay McBride and Lauren Gardner visited the town of Cheyenne Wells to thank fans for their support.