Thursday, August 30, 2007

Game Day Rundown

Another week into the season and our first home preseason game is under the belt! Although we suffered a loss, it was fun to get the rookies on the field for their first time and get all of the veterans back out on the field to make some more memories.

After the game on Thursday I started reflecting on what actually goes into a game day. The majority of the work to prepare for our games comes into play during rehearsals, training, and technique — so game day is really where everything comes to fruition.

We get to the stadium at least 4 hours before kickoff. What do we do that entire time? Good question. Well, the time goes pretty quickly. In fact, for a 7 o’clock game we will get to the stadium around 1:45 to review and check through security and practice dances before heading out to the field. We have a full out game day rehearsal which includes running pregame, La Grange, both quarter breaks, all sidelines, vamps (choreographed dances to music that plays randomly throughout any given game day), and any halftime show we may perform. After our rehearsal we head to the locker room, and break for dinner with the option to attend chapel afterwards. Our chapel is hosted by the organization’s chaplain, Bill Rader — an incredible leader of faith, and an encouraging voice who never fails to integrate focus and purpose into the entire organization’s frame of mind. Therefore, when our team — players, coaches, cheerleaders and staff hit the field, we are playing, dancing and leading with intention. Then we move forward with getting ready, and beginning our game day promotions, including Broncos Barn (my favorite!). After promotions we have a team circle where we pray and have a team captain or leader speak.

Then it’s game time! Walking out on that field with 70,000 fans is never repetitive and is always an adrenaline rush. The passion, sweat, tears, faith and training that go into the game create the legacy. So as we continue preseason against the Arizona Cardinals tomorrow night, we look forward to good football, intentional playing and a win of course! Go Broncos!

God Bless,
Keela (8/29/07)

Belles Chosen to Represent Planet Beach in Tan Competition

Patricia F. and Crystal W., current Belles Performance Team members, have been chosen to represent Planet Beach Contempo Spas as 2 of the 5 ladies to compete in a Tan Competition Monday, September 17th at DC10. Jamie K., BPT and 14ers veteran, and Gina G., a very popular Denver model, were chosen to represent in the Planet Beach top 5. The Tan Competition will be judged by the Olly Girls, Holly and Molly, from the hit E! reality show, Sunset Tan. Other salons competing are Executive Tans, Exclusive Tans, Zolarium, and Cherry Creek Tans.

The 25 ladies will be competing for a cash prize of $1000, 1 free year of tanning at their represented salon, a teeth whitening package, and a Good Girl Brand swimsuit plus the bragging rights of having Denver's Best Tan. Good luck to all, tan your moons!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Calendar Release Party Wrap Up!

First of all, thank you to all of the amazing Broncos fans that came out to support the release of our 2008 Calendar and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The party was a huge success with over 500 guests. This was our largest turnout to date and I’d like to thank everyone at INVESCO Field and in our Community Development Department for making it possible for us to have this event at the stadium. The fans had the ability to interact with the cheerleaders and get autographs on every calendar page, take photos with the cheerleaders and enjoy the beautiful new Club Lounge.

We also had over 70 guests from Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It was so inspirational to meet the survivors and some of the women and men that were the top fundraisers from 2006. Lisa Pevateaux, our DBC Alumni Cheerleader, was also present with her husband and 18-month-old son.

I am proud to say that our 2008 Calendar Release Party raised over $15,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, putting our DBC Team Lisa in first place for fundraising! We were actually in first place before the party as well, but now we are going to be hard to catch! I will keep updating everyone on our progress as we get closer to our Oct. 7 Race and Alumni Halftime Show. Our new goal is $25,000 and I know we can do it!

Thank you again to all the amazing Broncos fans that always come out and support out team. You are the best! There is no other place I want to be than right here in Broncos Country!

- Teresa (8/27/07)

Calendar Release Party Pictures

Below are a couple pictures from our recent Calendar Release Party.

My shot — Kristin Sanders, Laura Sobon, Melissa Lopez-Aust

The Rookies

Click here to see the rest of our photos!

- Laura (8/28/07)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Denver Nuggets Dancers to Boost U.S. Troops’ Morale

Dance Team and Supermascot Rocky to tour Europe with Armed Forces Entertainment

The Denver Nuggets Dancers will bring their American spirit and extraordinary dance skills to troops stationed throughout Europe. The Nuggets Dancers will make appearances in Germany, Belgium and the UK September 2-9.

“The sacrifices the men and women of our military make on a daily basis are so unbelievable that we would like to do anything we can to help them and thank them,” said Denver Nuggets Dancers director/choreographer Sarah Schachterle. “When we go out visit the troops it always amazes me how appreciative they are, when in reality we are so grateful to them.”

This National Basketball Association (NBA) dance squad was created in the early 1980s and has evolved from being considered just “filler” entertainment between plays and timeouts during the games, to a staple of the Denver, Colorado community. The squad is involved with charitable and children’s organizations including the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Race for the Cure, Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics as well as a charitable event in Chihuahua, Mexico to raise funds for the community.

Team Director Sarah Schachterle and squad members Amanda Brophy, Kimberly Bull, Stefanie Buttars, Keri Grogan, Daniele Gutierrez, Heather Hartman, Kristen Holleyman, Nicole Hurdle, Megan Savage and Chalaunda Scott, along with Supermascot Rocky will tour Europe entertaining military personnel.

“This squad is so enthusiastic and energetic, there is no doubt their performance will be uplifting for the troops and their families,” said George Degrella, Armed Forces Entertainment regional coordinator for Europe. “The dancers and mascot really know how to get the crowd pumped up!”

Armed Forces Entertainment is the lead Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas, with priority given to those in contingency operations and at remote and isolated locations. The Department of the Air Force is the executive agent of Armed Forces Entertainment.

Founded in 1951, Armed Forces Entertainment brings a touch of home to more than 500,000 troops annually, embracing the best of Americana that stretches across all genres of entertainment. Visit to learn more about Armed Forces Entertainment.

Bronco Cheerleaders Gridiron Grit

The squad hits the stairs, chairs and practice studio in grueling workouts to get in game-day condition.

By Jack Cox
The Denver Post

On a recent Tuesday evening at Invesco Field at Mile High, a gaggle of Denver Broncos cheerleaders could be found running up and down the stairs of the empty stadium, their chests heaving, their long tresses stringy with sweat.

"Awesome, ladies. You guys are great," exclaimed their mentor, Holly Flaherty, a 27-year-old former member who has represented the squad at the Pro Bowl. "Take your time going down, then push each other to get back to the top," she exhorted. "Tighten your tummies as you run, and don't forget to breathe."

For these young women in blue and orange, winning smiles and high spirits are clearly not the only keys to success on the gridiron. Strength and stamina are at least as important, which is Cheerleaders why the 34 members of the group often begin their twice-a-week rehearsals by making a circuit of the steps in the bottom tier - all 1,000 or so of them, in 44 aisles up to 23 rows deep.

"We try to make it really intense, to keep their endurance up for a four-hour game," said Flaherty, a certified personal trainer who introduced the 45-minute workouts this year. "People don't understand how much energy it takes just to stand for four hours" - much less dance.

Cheerleaders Jennifer Kelly, left, and Bri Bateman run the steps at Invesco Field to get in shape for the football season.

In addition to stair running, which is often done in intervals, the cheerleaders typically perform as many as 100 inclined push-ups (leaning forward on seat backs), 100 crunches or jackknives, and 100 dips, or sitting push-ups. The exercises are usually done in five sets of 20 repetitions each.

"Holly gives us a hard workout - she kicks our butts. But she makes it fun," said Jennifer Kelly, 22, a second-year member of the squad and a personal trainer herself. "She's very upbeat, and her focus is on being healthy, not on being a skinny, stereotypical 'tiny thing.' We don't weigh in or take measurements. The idea is to see some muscle definition, rather than a number on a scale."

Laura Sobon, 23, also in her second year, said strenuous exercise plays a critical role in preparation for the troupe's performances. "On the field, we are doing a lot of short bursts of activity, but we are dancing for a long time," she said. "You don't want to die in the fourth quarter."

The Denver Broncos cheerleaders stretch before launching into a four-hour practice session inside Invesco Field. The dancers wear No. 15 jerseys to mark the 15th anniversary of the squad.

The cheerleaders, who will appear at 10 home games this season, have been practicing since June after being selected in tryouts in April. Their initial repertoire includes 14 professionally choreographed dance routines, each lasting 60 to 90 seconds, and all new this year. A total of 50 are to be learned as the season goes on.

The squad rehearses at the stadium for four hours each Tuesday and Thursday night, with the group workout mandatory before the Tuesday session and optional on Thursday. In addition, Flaherty offers a third workout on Monday nights, focusing on arms, butt and core muscles.

But for most of the cheerleaders, such organized training is just part of a larger playbook. Several members of the squad get further conditioning in their jobs as personal trainers: Two or three run dance studios, and others are employed in various aspects of the fitness industry.

Denver Broncos cheerleaders fitness trainer Holly Flaherty instructs Jennifer Kelly, left, and Bri Bateman, center, as they do crunches at Invesco Field

"They're all very athletic and in really great shape," said Teresa Shear, a member of the original 1993 squad who now is director of cheerleaders and game-day entertainment. "They compete in soccer and volleyball, they climb mountains, and they all work out regularly on their own."

Laura Sobon, for example, has competed in a couple of Olympic-distance triathlons, runs and lifts weights on lunch breaks from her job at a business consulting firm, and takes two classes back-to-back on Wednesday nights at a dance academy run by Shelly Trujillo, another former Broncos cheerleader who is Shear's assistant director.

Cheerleaders rehearse dance routines.

Jennifer Kelly, who works as fitness director at a Denver apartment complex called The Boulevard, goes for runs and does yoga and Pilates with weights when she's not teaching exercise classes. Melissa Lopez-Aust, a second-year member who works at a sports marketing firm, takes a dance class one night a week, does yoga three times a week, runs at least six days a week and recently did a half-marathon in San Francisco.

"Not everyone is a fitness professional, but every girl makes being fit a priority," said Kelly. "To be on a professional team, you have to keep your body running smoothly."

Choreographer Shelly Trujillo watches as cheerleaders rehearse.

More photos and a video of the Broncos Cheerleaders working out here.

Broncos Calendar Release Party

Click here to view photos from last week's Denver Broncos Cheerleaders calendar release party!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Learn more about Aesthetic Nurse Specialists

Stephanie Millonig, Certified Nurse Aesthetician, will be hosting a pamper day including free skin consults and facials with a free mini microdermabrasion at the Women's Wellness Center, The Center for Holistic Healing located at 8600 West 14th Ave. Lakewood, CO 80215, this Sunday, August 26th from 10 am - 5 pm. Consults and facials will be on a walk in basis only, no actual appointments can be scheduled for this day.

Stephanie offers a variety of services including:


ANS has been the official skincare business partner of the Belles Performance Team for the past several seasons, using Sanitas skincare products and Jane Iredale makeup to keep BPT skin looking fabulous and flawless.

Take this Sunday to pamper yourself with a mini facial/microderm, meet Stephanie and then schedule a one hour european facial with microdermabrasion for only $50.00.

Good skin is here to learn more about ANS today!

Planet Beach Contempo Spas Partnership

The Belles Performance Team is excited to announce their newest business partnership with Planet Beach Contempo Spas. The Planet Beach franchises are focused on wellness and health and provide a variety of services from massage therapy and skin hydration to bed and sunless tanning and all the products you need to obtain and maintain that gorgeous skin.

Planet Beach Promotions Director Amanda Serrano has some exciting events planned with the BPT in the next several weeks. The Tans competition will host 5 - 7 ladies from 5 Denver tanning salons to be judged by the Olly Girls, Holly and Molly, from the E! reality show Sunset Tan. This competition will be held Monday, September 17th at the nightclub DC10 in downtown Denver. The Miss Planet Beach Colorado pageant preliminaries will also begin in September at various nightclub locations in metro Denver with the final pageant to be held at DC10 on Saturday, September 29th.

If you are interested in participating in the Tan competition (free tanning and lotions until September 17th with a $1000 cash, 1 year free tanning and teeth whitening prize package) or the Miss Planet Beach Colorado pageant (free tanning for one year and an all expense paid trip to participate in the international competition), please contact Amanda at or (720) 837-8003.

Click on Ashton above to learn more about the Miss Planet Beach pageant.

Pamper yourself at a Planet Beach Contempo Spa today!

Click here for a guest pass for 3 free contempo spa sessions!

Click here to obtain a guest pass for free tans!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belles Performance Team Performance Announcements

The Belles Performance Team is excited to announce 5 of their Fall 2007/Winter 2008 performances. These exciting performance (and travel) opportunities will be available exclusively to the performance and promotions members selected at auditions and interviews on Saturday, September 29th.

After the excellent job the organization did this year representing the Rocky Mountain Regional Fly In/Front Range Air Show, the Belles have been invited to be the offical Air Show Ladies of the following events:

October 2007 - Alliance AirShow, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

November 2007 - Aviation Nation, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Belles have also been invited to perform at the Battle at the Capital at the Denver Coliseum in October and the Capital City Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska in November. Both events are produced by Midwest Spirit.

The team has also been invited back to perform at the Pepsi Center with the Denver Nuggets.

If you are looking for a couple fun winter getaways (VEGAS, BABY!), then you won't want to miss the BPT auditions, Saturday, September 29th, at the Better Bodies Cardio and Fitness Center in Lakewood.

Denver Titan Cheerleaders/Motion Explosion Tryouts

2007 Semi-Pro & Elite Senior Audition Dates

Open Semi-Pro Competition Tryouts - Sept 8th @ 11:30 pm

Looking for outstanding Cheerleaders/Stunters and Tumblers. If you are interested email to pre-register.

Open Semi-Pro Competition Tryouts - Sept 8th @ 11:30 pm

Looking for a few more outstanding Cheerleaders/Stunters -- Especially guys for the Stunt team. Must be 18 (or 17 and meet USAFS Open team requirements). If you are interested E-Mail to RSVP for the Tryout.

Dance Team (Jazz/Pom or HipHop) and Cheer/Stunt Tryouts - Email for details ($20)

When: Saturday, Sept 8th. Registration & Tryouts Start 11:30 am.

Where: Alpine All-Star Gym located at 18850 Clarke Rd., Parker, CO. (Same building as Pump-It-Up)

The Denver Titans Minor League Football Team is proud to announce tryouts for their Motion Explosion Cheer & Stunt team for the competition season. Dance teams (jazz & hip hop) for the summer 2008 season coming soon. Motion Explosion is honored to represent this championship football program, and is very excited to start of the new season. We are looking for some great dancers, tumblers, cheerleaders, and stunt members to join the team this year. We are also starting an Elite Senior team next year! No minimum age. Minumum age is 18+ for the Extreme Semi-Pro Teams.

Tryouts are held at the Alpine All-Star Gym located at 18850 Clarke Rd., Parker, CO. Email for more information or to pre-register. Pre-Registration is required! Save, print and fill out Registration Form and Waiver Form (Under 18 Waiver/ 18+ Waiver), then bring it with you to tryouts. Please email us if you are planning to tryout. If you are under 18 you must have a parent with you to sign the Gym waiver form the first time you come to tryouts.

Titan Requirements:

Elite Senior Semi-Pro Team - Under 18. Prior cheer, stunting, dance or tumbling experience.

Extreme Open Semi-Pro Team - Be 18 years of age by summer 2007 with prior experience.

Fill-out/turn in Registration Form & Waiver form w/ optional, non-returned photo (Prefer headshot. Snapshots are fine)

Pay $20 Registration Fee (Cash or Checks to Motion Explosion @ Registration)

Audition Attire:

No hard-soled shoes. (Cheer/Stunt - Cheer Shoes or Sneakers / Dancers - Dance shoes)

Dancers - Dance or workout attire (Dance Top & shorts/dance pants. Nothing baggy.)

Cheer/Stunt/Tumble – Tight fitting sports top/T, shorts or cheer skirt, spankies/bloomers.

Guys - Workout attire, pants or shorts and T-Shirt and Atheletic Shoes.
Hair and make-up done as it would be for a performance. Dancers - Usually hair is down or half down. Cheer/Stunt/Tumble – Hair down, half-up or pony but performance ready!

Titan Practices:
Mandatory Practices are once per week. You will receive a calendar if you are selected. Cheerleaders and Dancers participate in all 4 home games and playoffs as well as occasional charity and fundraising events. For Competition season you will receive a list of the competitions (only a few this year plus Nationals in Vegas).

Commitment is important! You MUST be able to make all or nearly all Regular Season Home Games and most practices. If you are not doing the Titans and just trying out for the open competition team that is fine, but you must let us know at tryouts.
You may tryout for Pro-Teams, College, All-Star or High School Teams while part of the Titans. You may NOT tryout for other semi-pro/minor league teams during the Titan season.

Audition Process:
Registration begins at 11:30 and the audition will start 20 minutes later. Do not be late. Call if you have trouble finding the gym (303) 868-4840. Turn in your Registration form and pay $20 Registration fee. Plan on the auditions lasting approximately 3-4 hrs. Make sure that you bring plenty of water and a snack to keep your energy level up.

The first part of the audition is an "Across the Floor" technical segment which consists of a combination, usually four 8-counts in length, with left and right kicks, a right split leap, a pirouette turn and simple choreography.

The next segment of the preliminaries consists of a short dance combination. This short routine will have the same technical elements as the "Across the Floor" segment (kicks, turns, leaps, etc.) plus additional technique and some jazz and funk moves. This routine will usually be performed in groups. You may also learn 1-2 short Sideline Dances.

Interview will consist of a very short private interview with the judges.

HipHop Dance Team will have a slightly different tryout process.

Cheer & Stunts:
Three Jumps (One must be a Toe-Touch). Perform a short Cheer & Sideline that will be taught at the tryout (Required for females, optional for Stunt Guys). Tumbling - Standing and Running Tumbling Pass (if you tumble). Stunting (Baskets, Partner and Group Stunts as appropriate. Tumblers - Stunting optional).

After all contestants have performed, the results will be given. This will be after the final tryouts are complete. It may be Sunday or Monday before you know the results.

Denver Titans Cheerleaders/Motion Explosion Pictures

Colorado Icicles Line Up Change

Jayme Couch, Desiree Gustafson, Christine Tatum and Marie Smith are no longer with the team.

Britney Mitchell and Katie Thero have been added to the team.

Eagles Chicks Tryouts

The Colorado Eagles are looking for dancers, who are dynamic, well spoken, and talented to represent our organization. If you have the drive and dedication it takes, then come and tryout to be an Eagles Chick!

Tryout Info…

Sunday, September 9, 2007

10:30 am

Budweiser Events Center
5290 Arena Circle
Loveland, CO 80538

Must be 18 years or older
Auditions are closed to observers

What to Bring:
Resume/Application and signed Waiver – Click Here
Non-Returnable Recent Photo (No Group Photos)

Things to Know:
-Required Dance Attire: A two-piece form-fitting outfit. Sports bra or midriff top, tights or jazz pants. No baggy outfits.
-Technical Requirements: Strong jazz &/or hip hop experience. The audition will also include an interview.
-The judges are looking for talented, energetic, physically fit ladies who love to perform in front of large crowds.

For further information, please contact Lisa Kennedy at or 970-988-1196.


Aug. 22, 2007 2:30PM

The Colorado Crush Girl auditions for this weekend August 25th-27th have been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please keep checking the website for more information and an updated audition date.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Muddy Buddy

Keela here!

Things have been moving pretty quickly as usual for the cheerleaders. Summers always seem to fly and before we know it the season has begun! Year round’ we are able to spend time in and throughout the community on promotions or charities; yet around this time of the year, well, everything just seems to pick up the pace.

As we all feel the heat of the season upon us I usually feel a mixture of overwhelming excitement to get out on that field for another season of Broncos football and anxiousness to get our first game underway. Our rehearsals are packed full of everything we can manage to fit in, including but not limited to, continuation of learning new material, cleaning existing choreography and maintaining technique. All of this anticipation left me feeling the need for a little something different to relax and re-focus my attention before our first game this upcoming weekend…and I wasn’t the only one.

Sarah Culter, a fellow teammate and myself decided to put our attention to a different adventure this past weekend by joining the ultimate race in Denver; “The Muddy Buddy “of course! For those of you Denverites who have not heard of the event, it is a sold-out race in Boulder with approximately 900 teams. Everyone brings their “A” game to the table, competing with names like “The Mediocres” or my personal favorites, “Kanondo Kakkala Anyika”–my team name of course( Tonga for “turtle that lives on land”) and “Sparkle Motion,” Sarah Culter’s team name.

(A small bit of history on our team name, my boyfriend serves in the Peace Corps in Zambia and is in fact visiting home in Denver for a few weeks and we had to pay tribute to the language he has newly acquired — Tonga.)

The race consisted of 6.2 miles of total track where one partner begins running and the other biking. Once you meet and complete the obstacle courses located at each mile marker you switch roles. The pattern continues like so in a leap frog fashion until the ultimate ending — the infamous “mud pit.”

Individuals must go through this portion together underneath flags crawling army style through the entire pit. The race finishes off by running straight into the Boulder Reservoir. Definitely the most unique race I have ever been a part of and certainly brought out my competetive side. Mission accomplished I am now ready for the season– I just needed a little mud in the picture to help me see more clearly.

I think I just found my new preseason tradition! Any fun preseason or regular season traditions out there???

Warm Regards,
Keela (8/20/07)

The Season Begins

Our first home game is this upcoming Saturday and we’re getting ready! We have been preparing for many months now, and the time has almost arrived. Once the first game hits, the rest of the season passes so quickly. We want to cherish our time with this team and to enjoy every moment because there is nothing like the rush of being on the field.

Also, we have a little surprise for all of our fans — we have a new touchdown dance! Last year the NFL boycotted our old touchdown song for moral reasons. Now, we’ve got something even better!

Because we are so close to Game Day, we all have to do our homework. It’s almost 9 pm and I just got done practicing my dances at home for our practice tomorrow evening. We always want to be prepared for practice so we can be efficient and make the most of our time. Also, I just listened to several of the songs we’ll be learning new dances to and I’m excited. We have plenty of upbeat, fun songs and I can’t wait to learn the dances that go with them.

Also, look for us in the fitness section of the Denver Post. A reporter and a photographer came to one of our practices last week because they are doing a story about how we stay in shape during the season. Our personal trainer and former cheerleader, Holly Flaherty, came to run a mini workout and then the people from The Post stayed for several hours to watch our practice. At the end of the evening, I heard our coach ask the reporter if it was what he expected, and he replied that it was much more difficult than he had imagined. That goes to show how hard we work during practice.

Hopefully, some of you were able to attend our Calendar Release Party. We had a great turn out and it was wonderful to meet more of the fans. Furthermore, we were able to raise a lot of money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. It was a special night, and I was happy to be a part of it.

- Laura (8/20/07)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Denver Nuggets Hipster Girlz

Do you have what it takes to be a Hipster?

Are you a “HUGE” Nuggets Fan?

Do you like to dance, shake a tail-feather, and work it on the dance floor?

The Hipster Girlz Dance Team is looking for big and beautiful women to join the team! Auditions for this year's squad will be held on Monday, September 10th at 5:00 PM in the Pepsi Center Grand Atrium.

Join us as the Denver Nuggets put together their first ever Hipster Girlz Dance Team. If you weigh over 160 lbs. and have rhythm, please send your photo and contact information to:

Pepsi Center
Attn: Lynette Nickelson
1000 Chopper Circle
Denver, CO 80204

You can also e-mail your photo and contact information to

The Hipster Girlz will party, jump, and twist center court at the Denver Nuggets home games. They will perform a set number of dance routines during the regular season and at home playoff games. They will also perform with the Denver Nuggets Dancers and Nuggets Cheerleaders.

Note: I don't agree with some of the wording in this post (directly from the Nuggets website) or weight requirements high or low for any team (160 pounds is by no means big or "huge" for the average American woman). BUT I do believe that beautiful and committed women of all shapes and sizes should have the opportunity to dance and perform. I hope this program will allow ladies that don't fit into the stereotypical mold of professional dance and cheer the opportunity to pursue their entertainment dreams. I look forward to seeing healthy body shapes on the floor as role models to young women that talent and beauty have no size boundary. - Belle

2007-2008 Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders Announced

The Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders are proud to announce their 2007-2008 team members:

GIRLS: Courtney Pahl, Kimmie Marcum, Sarah Hodan, Jill Anderson, Lauren Curtis, Holly LeForce, Aspen Summerlin, Lisa Botinelli,
Amber Dutenhoeffer, Denise Echavarria, Adrienne Lowe, Shannon Andrews and Stefanie Perry.

GUYS: Jordan Strauss, Scott Sample, Rick Sauvageau, Chris Niemeyer, Ryan Turner, Tyler Barnes, Jason Butler, Ryan Hardy,
Chad Jourdan, Shad Heffernan, Josh Teague, Jason Carpenter (Captain) and Kyle Knutson (Captain).

HEAD COACHES: Stephanie A. John, Chris “Hemo” John.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival

The Belles Performance Team, Colorado's only independent professional non-profit dance team, will be participating in the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival this weekend. Saturday, August 18th, see the Belles in the parade (entry 95) and also on the Show Wagon Entertainment Stage at 2:00 pm. The parade runs on 38th Avenue from Harlan to Upham Street, 10 am - Noon. The Show Wagon Entertainment Stage is located at Albert E. Anderson park at 44th Avenue and Field Street. The Belles will perform a variety show set at 2:00 pm and again at 2:25 pm. During each show, the Belles will be sharing more information about the program and performing a variety of routines in a variety of uniforms. This is a great opportunity to learn more about this exciting team!

To learn more about the festival, and all the fun and activities planned, visit the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival online!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flashback Photo

The 1999 - 2000 Denver Nuggets Dancers

Familiar Faces: LaToyua Tolbert (then Juniel) and Whitney Gustafson (then Evered) second and fourth from the left in the front row are now Denver Broncos Cheerleaders.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Learn from the Pros


Owner/Artistic Director

A Denver native, Stephanie has dedicated her life to the Denver Dance Community. She has trained with the country’s finest instructors and has an extensive dance resume. Stephanie works closely with Radio Disney's Street Team as their choreographer. A Musical theater performer, Denver Nuggets Dancer, Denver Broncos Cheerleader (captain and pro bowl representative), corporate/industrial shows dancer and performer at many social/charity functions. Although Colorado is her favorite place to perform, a few of her most memorable performances have been in Mexico, Spain, Japan and Hawaii. Stephanie is currently a participant in the Impact Denver program through the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Last year Stephanie was honored with the Denver Business Journal's exclusive "Forty Under 40" award for exceptional business people & a lifetime achievement award for Excellence in the Arts from the City of Arvada. Stephanie still continues to perform as well as teach throughout the country, many times along with her performing company. Stephanie loves sharing her dance knowledge and experience with her students at her home, Cherry Creek Dance.

Instructor and former Denver Broncos Cheerleader.

Instructor and 1999-2001 Denver Nuggets Dance Team Member.

Instructor and Former Denver Broncos Cheerleader.

Colorado Icicles at ProDance

Kim Olson participates in a choreography class (blue shirt and bandana.)

Denver Broncos at ProDance

Candice Jones and Sarah Culter enjoy their goodie bags!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Where Are They Now?

Omayra, a 34 year old rookie Washington Redskins Cheerleader, is a former Denver Broncos Cheerleader. After an 11 year hiatus from NFL cheerleading, a move to Los Angeles, acting and performing in movies and commercials (including for Coors Light and as a top 5 finalist to host Wild on E!), and modeling (including inclusion in the 2004 Maxim Hometown Hotties contest), this personal trainer proves beauty and talent only get better with time.

Summer Happenings

Hello Broncos Fans! It has been quite some time since I have written a blog as other cheerleaders have begun to get involved with the Broncos Blog. Keela Harris and Melissa Lopez-Aust have done a great job with their entries!

We’ve had a busy summer with a calendar shoot, our own training camp, practices, promotions, and charities and were given last week off. Here’s what I did with my free time.

I took some time off my regular job as a business consultant and drove up to Steamboat Springs for a couple of days. I went with some friends and we spent one day on Steamboat Lake (which is absolutely beautiful — it’s a peaceful lake completely surrounded by mountains). We also took a jeep ride to the top of Hahn’s Peak which was where people used to mine for gold. This was a special jeep; it was bright pink and has been taking people to the top of the peaks since the 1960s.

I also had a family vacation planned last week to Toronto, Canada, to visit all my relatives. It had been 5 years since I last visited Toronto so I was long overdue for a trip. My uncle has a lake house about an hour and a half north of Toronto. My best childhood memories involve visiting my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles at that lake. We went swimming, canoeing, fishing, and had bonfires in the evenings. We spent our last day in the city and picked up a few souvenirs.

This week we are back to preparing for our first game. And we have our calendar release party at Invesco Field on August 16th and all the money raised at that event will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We will donate the money in honor of our amazing alumni cheerleader Lisa Pevateaux who was recently diagnosed. Everyone is welcome and you can buy tickets at the door. Hope you see you there to help us support this great cause! Check out Teresa Shear’s blog for more information.

- Laura (8/9/07)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Colorado 14ers Select 2007-08 Dance Team

The Colorado 14ers basketball club of the NBA Development League today announced the selections for the 2007-08 14ers Dance Team, following auditions last Saturday at the Broomfield Event Center. The squad is comprised of 14 women, which includes four returning dancers from the 2006-07 inaugural season.

"I'm pleased with the quality of the team this year. All of the ladies are talented individuals with the type of attitude and personality we want," said Jennifer Reifman, Director of Game Entertainment and Community Relations. "These ladies not only come from dance backgrounds, but many also have experience in tumbling, figure skating and gymnastics."

Ladies selected include:

(Back Row) Alissa Flanagan, Natalie DeBell, Erin Pershing, Allana Risenhoover, Tracy Rogers, Anne Barnhart, Jillian Waltman

(Middle) Kayla McLeod, Stephanie Nichols, Stephanie Anderson, Amy Svec

(Front) Billye Dee Williams, Sadie Richardson, Marie Smith

(left to right in attached photo taken from the dance auditions).

Risenhoover, Barnhart, Williams and Richardson are all returning dancers from the 2006-07 inaugural season.

The 14ers Dance Team will perform dance and cheer routines during all Colorado 14ers home games at the Broomfield Event Center and will participate in various community events throughout the season. Candidates were evaluated on a variety of attributes including physical fitness, dance ability, personality, energy and poise.

"We also have a great choreography intern in Brieanna Mercer, who is already impressing us with her routines. Fans will have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season," added Reifman.

Mover & Shaker: Marie is a former member of the Icicles.

Cheerleaders for the Cure/2008 Calendar Release Party

Today, I want to tell you about a very special woman. Lisa Pevateaux (formerly Corbell) was a member of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders from 1995 -1998. She was a leader and captain which means a lot when 30 women with strong leadership backgrounds all get together. Lisa is beautiful inside and out and you can’t take your eyes off her when she performs. She was one of my favorites — yes, I do have favorites. The women that motivate themselves, lead by example, and when I am not around I know they will always do the right thing in any situation.

This week is Lisa’s last week of chemotherapy before she delivers her baby boy in October. Yes, Lisa has cancer. Breast cancer. She is my first friend and I am sure not my last to come down with this horrible disease. She found out she had cancer when she went to confirm her much-wanted pregnancy at her doctor’s office. So, the same day she was blessed with the wonderful news of a child, her doctor found a lump.

Lisa is a fighter. There is no doubt in her mind that she will beat this cancer and she is not just looking to beat it, but to win by such a victory that it wouldn’t dare show up later for a re-match. She also wants to educate others and raise as much money to help with a cure.This is where we come in. The Denver Broncos are already strong supporters of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Every year, you see the big pink ribbon on the side of the stadium and the current Cheerleaders and employees participate in “The Race.” But this year we will be running for Team Lisa. This now hits really close to home and when that happens, watch out, all hands on deck!

Right now our Alumni/DBC Team is the largest on the Race for the Cure web site. We are in second place for donations and we are just getting started.

I also suppose that it was no coincidence that I scheduled our 15-Year DBC Alumni Reunion Halftime on Sunday, October 7. This was before the date was announced for the Denver Race for the Cure which just happens to be on the same day. The world has a wonderful way of synching up important dates and things in our lives.

So, on Sunday, October 7, current Cheerleaders, Alumni Cheerleaders, friends and family will all run in “The Race” with shirts that say Broncos for the Cure and TEAM LISA monogrammed on the sleeve in pink rhinestones (what else?). After the race, we will head over to the stadium to get ready for the game and our Alumni Reunion Halftime show. At the end of that show, we will present a check to Susan G. Komen for the Cure from the Broncos Cheerleaders in honor of Lisa Pevateaux. It is going to be an AWESOME day! Here are some ways you can help and show your support:

1) Attend our 2008 Calendar Release Party. All the proceeds from this event will go directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Thursday, August 16, 2007
INVESCO Field at Mile High
United East Club Lounge
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

$25 gets you your 2008 Calendar, autographs by all 34 Cheerleaders, complimentary Budweiser and appetizers. We will also be hosting a silent auction that evening all benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

2) Buy a Broncos For the Cure T-Shirt. You can purchase at the Broncos Team Store or directly from the Cheerleader Department (ours say TEAM LISA in rhinestones). You can call for more information 720-258-3181.

3) Sign up and run with TEAM LISA. Go to Click on Teams and then go to Teams List. Look for DBC-TEAM LISA. The more the merrier!

4) Make a donation in Lisa’s name. Go to for more information.

Thanks for reading. I know that my short blog did not do Lisa justice. Her spirit and her light are an amazing thing to witness right now. I hope that if I ever have to go through something like this in my life, I will have the courage, strength and grace to be just like Lisa.

I included a couple of photos of Lisa from her time on our team. One is her head shot and the other is her calendar shot from 1996. She still has those amazing abs!

- Teresa Shear (8/7/07)

As a blog by women for women, Rocky Mountain Spirit wishes Lisa the best in winning this battle. We previously showcased Lisa and her studio Elite Dance Academy in a Learn From the Pros segment in late July. Please visit that segment to learn more about Lisa's accomplishments.

Monday, August 6, 2007

We're Back (From ProDance)

We made it back safe and sound from Pro Dance in Palm Springs, and it definitely charged us up for the season! We worked with some of the most exceptional choreographers in the industry bringing some of the most exclusive and innovative material to the front lines; we are so excited to bring our new routines to the field for game day this season!

I really think one of the most unique parts about the entire experience was the opportunity to dance side-by-side with so many talented men and women in the industry—including my fellow teammates. Teams from all over brought representatives to learn material to take back to their fans nationwide! We were able to spend time with cheerleaders, dancers and representatives from the NFL (Falcons, Colts and Patriots were all in attendance), NBA and NHL.

Now, the itinerary for the dance convention certainly packed in quite a bit in a very short amount of time. The night we got in we had our orientation and took two Master classes—those types of classes were spread out sporadically throughout the week, and they were really treats because they had their best choreographer’s dishing out material that was so fresh! Our mornings began at 7:00 am and our days usually ended by about 6:30 pm. We each learned what they specify as “A routines,” “B routines,” and “C routines;” all taught by different choreographers incorporating a different variations of dance styles such as jazz, funk, hip-hop and even some more modern pieces.

In the morning we learned our A, B, and C routines, broke for lunch and came back in the afternoon to repeat and clean routines. The morning of the second day treated us to another Master class by the infamous Napoleon and Tabitha, followed by technique, sideline material, and music mixing and team building classes. We all tried different classes in order to get a well rounded view of the convention, as there were so many different dances and activities offered.

The afternoon consisted of cleaning and performing for each other to prepare our dances for the showcase the following morning. The showcase took place the final day, and this was one of the best parts because we were able watch everyone’s hard work and dedication come to fruition. I always think it brings a new dynamic to be able to watch your teammates perform and others. You always learn something new about the art and beauty of dance presentation, because it really is a continual process of growth. All of the teams wore their team uniforms so you could easily identify the unique group of performers that took the stage. Scholarships finished off the weekend and I am proud to announce that both Kim Taylor and Candice Jones, captains and representatives from the Denver Broncos cheerleaders earned scholarships, and have been invited to take classes at the Millennium studio in Los Angeles, California!

I am happy to have my feet back in Denver, and now I am simply anxious for some football!

God Bless,
Keela (8/2/07)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Breaking Records

This week I (Melissa) have a little bit of a history lesson for you. It all starts in 490 B.C. in Marathon, Greece. It was then that an army from Persia invaded the city. Before the Persian army arrived, a messenger was sent to Sparta to send for assistance. However, the people decided that they were not going to wait for the Spartans to arrive and began fighting. Against the odds, Marathon came out victorious. The legend then goes that a runner was sent to Athens to spread word of the victory. His journey was 26.2 miles from Marathon to Athens. The story ends with the runner proclaiming, “Rejoice, we conquer!” He then fell dead to the ground.

As you may have guessed this is the story that is now the history of the modern marathon. To most the idea of running a marathon sounds like a nearly impossible feat. Heck, the first guy to do it died! However, the coach of our team, Teresa Shear, recently ran a marathon in San Diego. (She did finish the race and lives to tell of it) Teresa’s lofty goal inspired me to set a new goal for myself, to do something I had never done before - run a marathon.

Now I ran some track in high school. Mind it was mostly short distances, maxing out at 200 meters. So I was a little nervous to take on such a big challenge for myself. But if you know me, you would know that I am always looking for the next thing to challenge myself with.

Since I have never run more than a mile at altitude I figured I should start small. Goal 1: Complete a half marathon. About two months ago I started looking around for a good half marathon. I ended up deciding on the San Francisco Marathon, First Half. The marathon was set to happen on July 29. That meant I had to start training right away. With Teresa’s help I found a good training schedule and began. The schedule involved one long run a week on top of numerous 2-3 mile runs, speed training and yoga. I always cringed a little when I looked at the calendar and saw the big mileage day staring me in the face. But once I finished it always felt great.

Fast forward a month. It’s July 27 and I’m getting on the plane to head out to San Francisco. My former teammate and good friend Katy Kainer who recently moved to California was there to pick me up. Amidst all the nerves it was great to have a familiar face and a supportive friend there for me. Fast forward just a bit more to Saturday night. I was so nervous! My mind started to play the “what if” game, which is never a good idea. What if I can’t find the start line? What if I miss my wave? What if I don’t finish the race? Finally, I fell asleep.

Sunday morning. Ironically, the same day that I get nervous/excited for during football season. Katy dropped me off at the starting point and the first “what if” was eliminated; I found the start line. I then found my wave and at 5:45 AM we were off.

For those of you familiar with San Francisco, the race started near Fisherman’s Wharf, ran through Fort Mason, along the coast and the famous seals. We then ran to the Golden Gate Bridge, across it and back. From there we headed through some (pretty steep) city streets and ended in Golden Gate Park. It was the most beautiful course I could have hoped for. I totally lost track of how far I had gone since I was so busy looking at all of the scenery. And just like that I was done; I had officially finished my first ever half marathon.

Along the course there were some quotes and trivia posted for your running entertainment. One quote in particular stuck out to me through the entire race and then again at the end. You will have to forgive me if I slightly misquote since my mind started to go to my achy muscles around mile 10. “In the face of adversity, some men break down while others see it as an opportunity to break records.” I may not have broke any records that day but I did break my own. I think that’s what life is really about. Maybe we can’t break Olympic Records or the all-time sales marker at work. But we can set our own goals and despite whatever adversity we face, go on to break that goal and possibly surpass it.

All of you out there in Broncos Country are quite familiar with the adversity that our team has faced in the offseason. I truly believe that as an organization we will not see this as a place to break down, but instead as an opportunity to break records. The team, the coaches, the cheerleaders, and the fans. As the season gets closer it is more and more important to remember that it’s not the past that defines us, but rather what we do with our futures. So here’s to the start of training camp and another season!! Let’s go out there and break our own records.

Oh and yes I will be running a full marathon. In fact, I can’t wait.

- Melissa Aust (8/2/07)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

ProDance Update

Cheerleaders from 80 professional sports teams including the National Football League's Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons showed off their dance skills Wednesday at the ProDance workshop in La Quinta.

They came to hone their skills and learn new dance techniques from 11 top-notch choreographers including Michael "Mikey" Minden and husband-wife team Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo, said ProDance founder Rosalyn Jones.

Last year, Minden, of Los Angeles, won MTV's Best Dance Video award and VH1's Best Video of the Year award for the Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons" music video. Tabitha D'umo said she was the assistant choreographer for Christina Aguilera's and Ricky Martin's recent world tours.

In all, about 300 professional and university sports dancers from Canada, Japan and the U.S. attended the four-day workshop that began Sunday, Jones said.

NFL Falcons cheerleader Sandra Fields said she was worried she wouldn't be able to keep up with the dozens of choreographed routines taught at the workshop. She surprised herself, she said.

"I learned how to relax," Fields said. "I learned to just trust myself."

Jones founded ProDance eight years ago as a way for professional cheerleaders and choreographers to share their skills. In previous years, she has hosted the workshop in San Antonio, Las Vegas and Miami. Next year, the workshop will be in Chicago, she said.

"There's cheer camp for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers, but there wasn't anything out there for professionals," Jones said. "Professional sports dancing is highly specialized."

Jones, former choreographer for the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers, was born at March Air Reserve Base and spent the first two years of her life in Riverside. Now, she lives in San Antonio, she said.

University of Memphis cheerleader Christina Conrad said she hopes to learn tips from the choreographers and professionals that can help her reach pro-sports status. Conrad said she hopes to one day cheer for the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team.

Courtney Astorino, a cheerleader at Cal State Fullerton, said she was thrilled by the opportunity to dance side-by-side with professional sports cheerleaders.

"We feed off them because they are such an inspiration," said Astorino, of Fullerton.

The sentiment was similar among the professionals.

"There's always something new to learn. We get inspiration from the other teams," said NFL Denver Broncos cheerleader Kim Taylor.

Four members of the Broncos cheer team attended the workshop, said Broncos cheerleader Candice Jones.

"We split up so we'd each have something different to bring back," Jones said.