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Monday, November 24, 2008

Congratulations 2009 Icicles!

Round 1 Tryout Results:

Allie Bomben
Natalie Coleman
Danielle Denton
Keirsten Fowler
Laurel Grauff
Heather Jones
Kayla Mcleod
Taryn Oliver
Christin Randall

Icicles Dance Captain
Rehannon Pekny

See your 2009 Icicles at all Colorado Ice home games and at appearances throughout the Northern Colorado Community!

There are still open spots for the 2009 Icicles dance team! Check back for more information on the final open tryout.

In order to participate in the tryout you must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. and be 21 years of age by February 28th, 2009.

Tryout Information
(970) 472-0128

2008-2009 Denver Nuggets Dancers

A Blessing in Disguise

Hello Broncos Country! I hope you were able to watch the game on Sunday even though it was at 11:00 a.m. instead of the usual 2:05 p.m.! The season thus far has seen many of our outstanding veterans become injured and unable to contribute on the field. And out of the adversity of this situation a rare phenomenon has occurred; the young players on our team have been given a unique opportunity. For some this may be the biggest challenge they have faced as athletes. Still trying to prove themselves as professional football players, they are being placed in new positions and unfamiliar roles and are expected to perform as well as players with years of NFL experience. This is an immense physical and emotional task, and I think the stakes are higher than many of us realize.

When a rookie makes a team, he knows that he may be a backup to one or two very strong veteran players. His focus for the year is to keep his roster spot by constantly improving. This year the mission at hand for our rookies has become a different one – assuming the roles of veterans and facing some of the biggest talents in the league at short notice. This past Sunday taught me a lot about the spirit and the character of our rookies - they may be new in the league, but when Coach Shanahan put them on the field, they delivered performances befitting our proud Denver Broncos Football Club and justified Coach Shanahan’s faith and trust in them. To be a professional football player, it takes more than muscles, speed, and physical endurance – it requires extreme mental strength. No matter how talented an individual may be, if he cannot endure the pressure, stress, and unexpectedness of a game, he simply cannot make it in this league. Sometimes it takes years to acquire the mental toughness needed to succeed in this league, but for our rookies, it is now or never.

The young men on this team have exhibited strength, passion, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help the Broncos win. I have heard many of them being interviewed after games and a common theme has emerged: they are all willing to play any position and do whatever the coaches require of them. This shows that they all have a strong work ethic, and more importantly, are team players. Football is not an “I” sport; it is a sport that requires the effort of every member of the team. It requires selflessness. Throughout history, countless teams have crumbled because of players who have only cared about their own interests. A successful team beats with one heart – and our proud rookies understand this message.

So although the injuries this season have been devastating for our team, they have also given us a glimpse into the future. And I believe that the future holds many years of success for the Denver Broncos!

In a strange way, we can be thankful for the adversity the team has faced this season, because it has brought about remarkable teamwork and dedication. It may sound strange for me to say that we can be thankful for adversity; however, I believe there is a lesson we can learn from this and apply to our own lives. The fact is that we are all bound to face disheartening obstacles and tough times in life and these situations sometimes impede our ability to recall our blessings. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, let’s make it a Broncos Country mission to take a moment to appreciate the marvelous things in our lives, by thinking of our family and friends, the memories we have made, and the memories which we still have to make.

Before I go, let me say that I am very thankful for all the awesome fans of Broncos Country. Enjoy delicious turkey and a wonderful holiday! And of course - Broncos are atop the AFC West!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

- Romi (11/18/08)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colorado Lightning Dance Team “Lightning Bugs” is Holding Tryouts for the 08-09 Season

Sorry we missed this one but we would like to let everyone know about this new Colorado dance community team...

Choreographer Desiree Gustafson announces tryouts for the Lightning Bugs

10/6/08 (Loveland, CO) – Colorado Lightning Bugs Director and Choreographer announced that she will be holding tryouts for the Dance Team’s 08-09 season. Tryouts will be held at the Orchard Athletic Club in Orchards Shopping Center on Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 at 7 pm.

"We are pleased to partner with the Colorado Lightning in this endeavor,” Ainslie MacEachrah, General Manager of Orchards Athletic Club said. “We have never done anything like this before. I think it will be very exciting for Orchard Athletic Club to be home to the Lightning Bugs dance team.”

The Orchard Athletic Club is located in Loveland, CO at 289 East 29th Street. Girls who are interested in trying out must be at least 18 years of age by October 29th or have a parent or guardian present to sign a waiver on the participant’s behalf. The participant must bring a dance resume that includes previous dance teams, classes or
workshops, current employment and training, educational background and 2-3 references. Girls must also wear a cropped top, briefs or dance shorts, and shoes with no marking soles to tryouts on October 8th. They will learn a short dance routine and perform in groups in front of the judges, as well as demonstrate a few across the floor exercises.

Lightning Bugs will be performing for the Colorado Lightning team at all of their games. Gustafson looks forward to combining a team of talented individuals for the entertainment of the Lightning fans. The season opener for the Colorado Lightning will be held at the Budweiser Event Center on November 2nd at 7pm against the Texas Outlaws.

Season tickets are on-sale now by phone at 970-619-0217. Single game tickets priced at $10, $16, $20, and $25 plus additional fees, go on-sale September 15. Tickets for all Budweiser Events Center events are available at www.ComcastTIX.com, 1-877-544-TIXX, Budweiser Events Center Box Office, Fort Fun in Fort Collins, the Colorado Eagles Office in Windsor, and Woody’s Newsstand & CafĂ© in Greeley. Join the free Budweiser Events Center CyberClub and receive advance notice and special offers to future events at www.BECLive.com.

The top-tier Professional Arena Soccer League (PASL-Pro) has four divisions: Western US, Eastern US, Canada and Mexico. The Western Division includes the following teams: Stockton Cougars, CA., Wenatchee Fire, WA., Denver Dynamite, and Colorado
Lightning. The Lightning play 16 regular season games in total, eight at home at the Budweiser Events Center. Team in the PASL will play six vs. six, including goalkeepers, on an indoor field 85 feet wide by 200 feet long during four 15 minute quarters (sudden death, if needed).

Director: Lightning Bugs, Desi Gustafson, 970-690-1419, bugs@coloradolightningsoccer.com

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Allana's Academy of Dance

Allana Risenhoover, a professional dancer for:

* Colorado 14ers NBA-D League
* Belles Performance Team
* Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
* Northern Colorado Wolfpack Minor League Football Organization
* Denver Titans Minor League Football Organization
* Colorado Wildcats Minor League Football Organization

is making a life long dream come true by opening a new modern dance studio.

Allana's Academy of Dance will open its doors in January 2009 to dancers of all ages, skill levels, and dance styles. As an additional incentive to try AAD, one month of free classes are being offered to immediate enrollees.

Allana's Academy of Dance
3625 West Bowles Avenue
Unit 17
Littleton, CO 80123

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MHSM Girl In Your Corner - Nicole Hurdle

November 2008 - Girl In Your Corner

Name: Nicole Hurdle
Age: 21
Profession: Full-time student, Denver Nuggets Dancer

Rumor has it that you’re going to be a Snow Angel for the second time next month. What keeps you coming back?
My fans demand it. Ha ha, only kidding.

We’ll put you on the spot. If you had to pick just one, would you rather be a Snow Angel or a Girl in Your Corner?
That one is tough, but if I HAD to pick one, then I would choose Snow Angels. Year after year, it becomes more and more creative and I am so thrilled to be a part of it this year. It’s going to be an amazing issue that all the MHSM readers can look forward to!

Is it true that you’re the only Nuggets Dancer returning from last year’s team?
It is true; I’m very excited about our 17 new girls! They are all very talented, beautiful and the Nuggets fans will love them!

What did you do to all the other girls from last year’s squad? Did you have kooties?
That must be the answer! Actually, many of them are moving onto other chapters in their lives and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

What’s your favorite non-game activity at Pepsi Center?
It would definitely be the sandwich race in which we participate. Any time we suit up in those silly buns, there is a good laugh – guaranteed.

Who’s your favorite Nugget and why?
NenĂȘ is my favorite Nuggets player. His determination and strength is truly inspirational. He is a great asset to the Nuggets starting lineup. Plus, it is always fun to hear him sing “Jingle Bells” during Christmas time!

It’s Friday night and the game ends early. Where’s the first place you’re heading in downtown Denver?
Old Chicago! They have the best post-game food!

Describe the perfect date.
It would start with taking me out during the day to get a fabulous outfit for the date, then out to a nice restaurant that evening. After dinner, we’d have to grab some type of dessert (I love ice cream!), then probably a nice long walk on the beach. Did I mention that I would prefer the date to be in Hawaii?

You’re also a CU Buff. What do you think of Cody Hawkins?
I think he looks a lot like his dad. It was very brave of him to choose to wear No. 7as a quarterback here in Colorado. There are some big expectations with that number.

And his father, Dan??
The jury is still out, but so far I think he has done an excellent job with taking control of our football program and moving it in the right direction.

As a wily veteran, what do expect from your dance squad this year? Any surprises in store for Nuggets fans?
This year, we are going to be very versatile; the fans are going to see a lot of new styles of dancing mixed with some of our old styles. Our team this year is extremely talented and we definitely have a few surprises in store for all of you Nuggets fans!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Belles Performance Team at the Veteran's Day Parade

The Belles Performance Team showed their patriotic appreciation for all who have served by participating in the Veteran's Day Parade in Downtown Denver this past weekend.

Nuggets Dancers in Action

Thanks to fan Brian A. Durham for these photos of the Nuggets Dancers!

Friday, November 7, 2008

DBC on SI.com

Terita Walker, Jamie Dukehart-Conti, Lauren Gardner.

Nicole Moore.

Terita Walker, Jamie Dukehart-Conti, Lauren Gardner.

Romi Bean.

Romi Bean.

Romi Bean.

Stefanie Buttars.

Sarah Karlan.

Sarah Karlan.

Lauren Gardner.

Lauren Gardner.

Jamie Dukehart-Conti.

Jamie Dukehart-Conti.

Colorado Cobras Dancers featured in Coloradodads.com video

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ms. Planet Beach Gen-X Colorado advances to World Finals!

Belles Performance Team Owner/Executive Director and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Cheerleaders Director Cher Fox advances as a Top 3 finalist in the Ms. Planet Beach Gen-X International Spokesmodel search. After an online voting competition, the Top 5 went through tough telephone interviews October 30th, Fox was announced November 3rd as advancing to the Top 3. Tessa Heard, Mrs. North America Galaxy 09, and former Mrs. Midwest International, Mrs. Kansas International, Mrs. Kansas America, and Mrs. Missouri United States, and Jennifer Cabrera, a Florida Planet Beach Contempo Spa franchise owner, were also announced as advancing to the Top 3.

The Top 3 compete next Thursday and Friday, November 13th and 14th, in interview, swimsuit and designer fashion categories as well as an on stage interview during the Ms. Planet Beach International Spokesmodel competition. Ms. Planet Beach World Finals will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The Ms. Planet Beach Gen-X International Spokesmodel search is for women 35 years of age and older interested in representing the unique and fun Contempo Spa brand. The winner will receive a $12,000 contract, a waived Planet Beach franchise license valued at $30,000, and an additional photo shoot to appear in Planet Beach® printed and web site materials.

Planet Beach Franchising Corporation has partnered with ‘Make It Right’, an organization founded by Brad Pitt that is dedicated to the rebuilding of New Orleans and establishing sustainable homes in New Orleans’ lower 9th Ward. Make It Right, working closely with Global Green, is a large-scale redevelopment project focused on eco-friendly housing that incorporates innovative design and style. This initiative plans to be a catalyst for future large scale recovery and redevelopment.

Planet Beach has set a goal to raise $150,000 to build a home for a New Orleans family in need. You can help make a difference-Donate Today!