Friday, April 27, 2007

2007-08 Nuggets Cheer Team Audition Information

The Denver Nuggets Cheerleading team performs at every home game during the season, as well as other special engagements. The co-ed cheerleading team does various performances, including stunts, gymnastics, and acrobatic skills to encourage crowd involvement. This is a paid position and performers receive additional money for some local appearances.

Date: Saturday, June 23, 2007.

Time: Registration will begin at 9:00 AM. Tryouts will take as long as needed to see all participants.

Location: Pepsi Center (there will be signs and people to direct you to the entrance).

Cheerleader Audition Information:

Audition Format: During the First Round participants will show the minimum requirements in front of a panel of judges. After the minimum requirements have been shown, an opportunity will be provided for participants to show additional skills. Tumblers will be provided the opportunity to throw two passes which should showcase more advanced tumbling. Partner Stunters will be asked to do a three-consecutive stunt sequence. Dismounts will be judged at this time. Each participant is judged separately. Finalists will be announced at the end of tryouts.

Requirements: All participants, male or female, must be at least 16 years of age as of June 23, 2007. If participants are under the age of 18, a completed parental permission form is required prior to tryout. There are no other age limitations other than this. All participants must provide a clear headshot and résumé. Headshots do not need to be professional, but should be a clear picture of you and only you. The résumé should list team/performance experience you may have, and any other information you would like the judges to know. Headshots will not be returned to you.

Audition Attire:
Ladies – The audition attire is a sports bra of some sort, as well as briefs and shorts. NO LONG PANTS ALLOWED. Participants must wear white-soled tennis shoes, and it is recommended to be performance ready with full hair and make up. The official tanning salon of the Dnver Nuggets Cheerleaders is THE Palms Tanning Resort (1-866-PALMS 4 U). EL Salon is the official Hair Salon of the Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders. Please note: This is different for the Nuggets Dancers.
Gentlemen – The audition attire is a short sleeved T-shirt, shorts and white soled tennis shoes. NO TANK TOPS OR CUT OFF SHIRTS ALLOWED.

Talent Categories: The Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders look for a variety of talents. This includes Gymnasts/Tumblers, Acrobats, Cheerleaders and Partner Stunters. We recognize that each individual may not be an expert in all areas. However, participants must excel in at least one of the above-mentioned categories to be considered for the team. Participants can try out for more than one category to show versatility and ability. Each talent category will have certain requirements to be performed in front of a panel of judges, which include the following:


Minimum Requirements:
Round off back hand spring back tuck
Standing back tuck
Cheerleaders/Partner Stunters/Acrobats:
Minimum Requirements:
Co-Ed Toss Extension
Toss Hands Liberty
ALL categories of talent will have the opportunity and will be expected to show more than the minimum requirements. Creativity and difficulty are appreciated. An interview and overall assessment will conclude the try out process. The team will be announced that evening.

Time Commitment: On average there are 42 games in a season. Practice will be held over the summer as well as 1 to 2 times per week during the season. Call time for games is typically 5:30 P.M. The position is paid on a per game basis and there are other forms of compensation as well.

Questions: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Cheerleading Directors, Stephanie and Christopher “Hemo” John at or

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Director's Corner - Sarah Schachterle

Sarah Schachterle is a professional dancer and choreographer. She is currently the Director and Choreographer of the Denver Nuggets Dancers and the Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch.

Sarah Elizabeth Schachterle was born October 21 in Denver, Colorado.

After graduating from Cherry Creek High School, she attended the University of Northern Colorado on a dance scholarship. While a member of the UNC Sugar Bears Dance Team, she auditioned and was selected to the Denver Nuggets Dancers. She danced for the Nuggets from 1995-1997. After living in Los Angeles and New York where she danced and auditioned for Broadway plays, Sarah was offered a position as the director and choreographer for the Nuggets Dancers. She moved back to Denver and has been running the Nuggets Dance team ever since.

Since rejoining the Nuggets as the Director/Choreographer, Sarah has been instrumental in creating a national presence for the Nuggets Dancers. Under Sarah, the Nuggets Dancers have actively participated in several promotions each year from Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada. In May 2002 the Nuggets Dancers had their first international promotion as they traveled to Europe on a Goodwill Tour for troops stationed in Turkey, Bosnia-Herzagovina and Italy. They recently performed (July 2005) as part of the entertainment for Nuggets forward Eduardo Najera's charity event in his native Mexico.

Sarah was chosen to lead the Colorado Wild Bunch in 2003. The Wild Bunch is the dance team for Denver's Professional Indoor Lacrosse Team, the Colorado Mammoth. She started the team in the Mammoth's inaugural season. The Wild Bunch has rapidly become a favorite of the Denver community and has been receiving national exposure for their thrashy, "hard rock" style. Along with their cutting edge routines, and creative costumes, the Wild Bunch are also introduced creatively each game by being driven out on the backs of motorcycles.

Sarah also ran Colorado Crush Girls for the 2004 and 2005 seasons. The Crush girls are the cheerleaders for the Colorado Crush Arena Football League team.

This season will be Sarah's eighth season as director and choreographer for the Denver Nuggets Dancers. She has choreographed for many highly publicized industrials and fashion shows, as well as for numerous original productions including the NBA All Star game and with nationally touring acts such as Otis Day, Taylor Dayne, and Ciara. In addition to working with dance groups and several well known choreographers from all over the world, she has also been an instructor and choreographer for Universal Dance Association for the past eight years. Recently, Sarah appeared on the nationally televised hit show Thirty Seconds to Fame.

During the off season in the NBA, Sarah choreographs for high school and college dance teams nationwide. She has also been selected to judge national dance competitions for Universal Dance Association and ESPN. When she is not dancing or choreographing, Sarah enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Denver Outlaws Dance Team Announced

On Saturday April 13, 60 gals competed for a spot on the 2007 Outlaws Dance Team. The competition was narrowed to ten, who will comprise the newly formed team. The dance team will not only perform a 2min routine at half-time, but will also help with in-game promotions and provide entertainment throughout the course of Outlaws home games. The dance team will also become part of the Outlaws' commitment to community outreach. To learn more about booking the team, please send an email to April Glaser, the dance team director.

Congratulations to the newest members!

Chelsea Hunt
Kenya Freeman
Marissa Lavattiata
Jenna Tavares
Sarah Finnegan
Katelyn Digiorgio
Candice Vecchiarelli
Janelle Mangrum
Stephanie Long
Leslie Allen

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Meet the 2007 - 2008 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

Front Row (left to right) – Lindsay McBride, Kim Taylor, Sarah Culter, Sara Lockhart, Jennifer Kelly, Melissa Lopez-Aust, Serita Archuleta, Brianne Bateman, Romi Bean, Erica Weston, Laura Sobon, Lauren Gardner

Middle Row (left to right) – Shelby Britton, Kristina Hoyer, Jessie Greenberg, Kristin Sanders, Terita Johnson, Alex Taylor, Keela Harris, Kelsey Vernon, Emily Harper, Whitney Evered, Lindsey Dudley, Valerie Scott

Back Row (left to right) – Kaoruko Horiike, Mary Johnston, Sara Oliver, Jamie Dukehart-Conti, Candice Jones, Katie Layman, La Toyua Tolbert, Nicole Moore, Mandy Adams, Rebecca Bolan

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Denver Beauty wins prestigious International title ‘Face of Champ Car’

Gorgeous Lauren Gardner of Denver, Colorado, USA, was crowned the 2007 ‘FACE OF CHAMP CAR’ in Mexico City during the Mexico Grand Prix. Lauren is 21 years old, and a full time student. She would like to get into broadcasting.

She has won the opportunity of a lifetime with a $10,000 appearance contract from the Champ Car World Series.

Lauren will be flown to at least five Champ Car World Series races in 2007 making special appearances, media calls and being treated as a VIP.

Lauren is currently a Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch Dancer and was recently selected to the 2007 - 2008 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders.

More Pictures from the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Auditions

ABC News coverage of the DBC Auditions.

Broncos coverage of the DBC Auditions.

CBS 4 Denver's coverage of the DBC Auditions.

NLL Girl of the Week - Jamie

Miss Northern Colorado celebrates birthday this week|02/26/2007

Jamie, a second-year member of the Colorado Mammoth's Wild Bunch, brings a wave of positive energy to the fans at Pepsi Center, as well as the entire Denver community. Along with leading her Young Life high school youth group, Jamie volunteers her time teaching at elementary schools across Colorado. "I have always looked up to the
professional dancers in my community," said Jamie. "So I think it is very important to also accept the responsibility of being a positive role model." Jamie, who is celebrating her birthday today, is currently striving to be an elementary school teacher.

"I really enjoy dancing for the Colorado Mammoth, not only because I get the chance to do what I love most, but also because it allows me the opportunity to interact with the community, which is always very rewarding."

Jamie, who won the Miss Northern Colorado beauty pageant, performed on Saturday in front of a sellout crowd of 18,024 at Pepsi Center.

"Colorado has dedicated itself to building and maintaining a strong community by supporting the Mammoth, which we hope will take us all the way to another NLL championship!"

Jamie has also previously served as a summer church camp leader for elementary school students. She enjoys water sports, skiing and snowboarding. She was also recently selected to the 2007 - 2008 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Where Are They Now? Becky Hamm & Leslie Macias

Do you recognize these famous Rocky Mountain Spirit faces?

That's LA Laker Girl/2002-2003 Nuggets Dancer Becky Hamm and LA Laker Girl/2003-2005 Denver Broncos Cheerleader Leslie Macias.

Becky is also a member of the LA Avengers A-Team Dancers.

Monday, April 2, 2007

2007 Colorado Rapids Cheerleaders Tryouts

It was a good day to be a dancer for the 11 young women who showed up at the Pepsi Center on Feb. 24 to try out for the Colorado Rapids dance team. The small number of women auditioning meant that most of them would ultimately make the team, as the judges would only be making four cuts.

The audition began with Rapids Cheerleading Director Kristal Russell leading the group through a short repertoire of dance moves, then turning on the music and watching how quickly the girls had digested the steps. The routine became increasingly difficult after every new series of moves Russell taught, until the dancers eventually were performing a full dance.

The dance audition and the following individual interviews gave the panel the information they needed to evaluate the dancers in three main areas, Russell said.

"We judged them on their dance ability, their physical appearance because obviously the uniforms make us have to do that and then we also judged them on their speaking ability because we do promotions throughout the community and we need to make sure they have a good presence about them," Russell said.

Mary M., who lives in Parker and was on the dance team during the 2006 season, said she felt confident about how she had performed at the audition.

"I think the audition went pretty well,"Mary said. "It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be."

She said her favorite part of being a Rapids dancer last season was meeting the players and interacting with fans during promotions.

Kaitlin W., 23, said she was motivated to try out because she hasn't danced in a while and she misses it. Weeks said she also enjoys giving the fans a reason to get riled up.

"I think it is so much fun to get in front of the crowd and perform and make everybody smile and dance and have a good time,"Kaitlin said.

After the dance auditions, it was time for the 18 male and female prospective "stunters" to show off their skills, which include tumbling and throwing. Russell said the judges made sure each stunter performed with every other stunter during the tryout to ensure that they were able to easily change partners.

The judges notified everyone who tried out whether they made the team or not by e-mail the night of Feb. 24, resulting in the following list of those who made it:

Mary M.
Kaitlin W.
Meghan S.
Tracy S.
Amanda S.
Amy P.
Erin P.

David F.
Mike F.
Richie T.
Nicole V.
Jacklyn S.
Andrew J.
Tara U.
Jillian G.
Ryan W.
Rachel Z.
Seth W.
Lara G.

2007 - 2008 Broncos Cheerleaders

Monday, April 2, 2007

Cheerleaders Pick New Squad

Team of 34 Cheerleaders to Take Field

By Celeste Palermo
Special to

DENVER --Thirty-four women were selected to the 2007 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Sunday, concluding a week-long audition process that started with more than 200 women from across the Front Range.

This year's audition process offered arguably some of the toughest competition the team has seen in its 15 years of existence.

"The competition is incredible," said Kelsey Vernon, a returning cheerleader. "If you don't want it, the girl next to you does... This week, I'm not kidding, I've never been so stressed out."

The auditions started last Sunday with more 200 women pouring into the United Club Level at INVESCO Field at Mile High.

After submitting an application and head shot, women were taught a dance combination complete with kicks and turns. With only a few minutes to practice, the women performed in groups of three for a panel of judges, which included Broncos players Jay Cutler and Kyle Johnson.

Ninety-two women were called back for the second round.

Again, the women were taught a dance routine -- this one more difficult and demanding. After performing this routine, the field of dancers was narrowed to 60 who would continue on to finals.

Before the finals, the aspirants had to attend a workshop on the following Tuesday or Thursday. This gave judges an opportunity to see finalists perform in a non-traditional format.

"The workshop consisted of three main areas: stretching and flexibility, technical skills, and new choreography," said Whitney Evered, who will return for a third year. "I performed to the best of my ability and enjoyed the challenge."

Final auditions were held Sunday and consisted of an interview and a final dance performance.

"There have been very few things in my life that are both physically and intellectually challenging," said Kathy Sturgess, a mental health counselor who was trying out for the fourth time. "Encountering both of these strenuous challenges at once is quite unique."

Following over an hour of deliberation, the judges finally came to their decision and Teresa Shear, director of cheerleaders and game day entertainment, announced the names of the new team.

"Every year tryouts get more and more competitive," she said. "Our 2007 team is amazing. I am very excited to get to know our new members and start rehearsals for our 2007 football season."


Whitney Evered*
Kelsey Vernon*
Keela Harris*
Jenn Kelly*
Karouko Horiike
Melissa Lopez-Aust*
Jessie Greenberg
Rebeccca Bolan
Sara Oliver
Serita Archuleta*
Jamie Dukehart-Conti
Kristin Sanders*
Emily Harper*
Lindsay McBride*
Lauren Gardner
Brianne Bateman*
Kim Taylor*
Laura Sobon*
Alex Taylor*
Nicole Moore
Candice Jones*
Kristina Hoyer*
Valerie Scott
Shelby Britton
Mandy Adams*
LaToyua Tolbert*
Mary Johnston
Katie Layman
Romi Bean*
Lindsey Dudley
Sara Lockhart*
Erica Weston*
Terita Johnson*
Sarah Culter*

* Denotes Veteran.

2006 - 2007 Denver Nuggets Cheer Team

Front Row: Jennifer Hein, Chrissy Dusenbery, Trisha Peterson, Stephanie A. John, Aspen Summerlin, Tammy Wallace.
Second Row: Lisa Botinelli, Gabriel Thatcher, Kristie Garbarino, Michael Eckenwiler, Kyle Knutson, Holly LeForce, Jason Carpenter, Paige Davis.
Third Row: Amber Dutenhoeffer, Katie McClure, Shannon Andrews, Lauren Curtis, Rachel Shomaker.
Back Row: Brian Ellis, Ryan Hardy, Mark Arford, Christopher "Hemo" John, Michael Gill, Chad Jourdan, Jordan Strauss.

Nuggets Cheer Team photo courtesy of: Jathan Campbell Photography

Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch

Back row (L-R): Angela, Sarah, Jamie, Lauren H., Lauren G., Stacia
Front row (L-R): Amanda, Jennifer, Katie K. , Katie L.,

Director/Choreographer: Sarah E. Schachterle

2007 Colorado Eagles Chicks

The Ice Cheerleaders - 2007 Colorado Icicles

Front row (l-r): Winter Jojola-Talbert, Christin Randall, Jayme Couch, Desiree Gustafson, Rehannon Pekny

Back row (l-r): Christine Tatum, Kim Olson, Laurel Grauff, Lilli Pfeiffer-Marshall, Ashley Henson, Marie Smith


Movers & Shakers: Kim is a former member of the Belles Performance Team. Ashley is a former member of Motion Explosion.

IBL Colorado Crossover Dancers

Top Row: Theresa Brinkman, Tiffany Connell, Crystal Gardner.
Second Row: Lora Gilman, Amber Padilla, Krista Van Allen, Ashley Hamilton.
Third Row: Annie Hellerstein, Holly Nowick, Rachel Schienle.
Bottom Row: Sarah Cherrington, Jenna Tavares, Kate Morris.
Not Pictured: Alicia Letbetter


Broncos Cheerleaders 2007-2008 Finalists

Last Sunday March 25th, the squad began its selection process with about 220 women coming for open tryouts. The field was narrowed to 60 and, next Sunday, the team will choose its members for 2007.

2007 Cheerleader Audition Finalists:

Whitney Evered (DBC),
Katie Layman (Wild Bunch),
Lauren Gardner (Wild Bunch),
Elizabeth Gulledge (14ers, BPT),
Tara Battiato,
Mary Johnston,
Keenan Meyer,
Kathy Sturgess,
Janelle Mangrum,
Katie Kosters (Wild Bunch),
Kristi Woodward,
Elizabeth Harris,
Shelby Britton (Crush Girl, Fire & Ice),
Julianne Luick,
Valerie Scott,
Tasha Darensbourg,
Kelsey Vernon (DBC),
Serita Archuleta (DBC),
Sarah Culter (DBC),
Romi Bean (DBC),
Kim Taylor (DBC),
Candice Jones (DBC),
Alex Taylor (DBC),
Erica Weston (DBC),
Kaoruko Horiike,
Amber Podleski,
Janella Crawford (14ers),
Calandra Huebl,
Christin Randall (Icicles),
Lindsey Dudley (Nuggets Dancer),
Rebecca Bolan,
Jessie Greenberg,
Emily Harper (DBC),
Kristi Buescher,
Kristin Sanders (DBC),
Akie Kani,
Christi Cameron,
LaToyua Tolbert (DBC, Nuggets Dancer),
Karen Ward (Crush),
Jennifer Cabral (BPT),
Laura Sobon (DBC),
Mandy Adams (DBC),
Nicole Moore (Nuggets Dancer),
Kelsey Bracken,
Lindsay McBride (DBC),
Keela Harris (DBC),
Terita Johnson (DBC, Nuggets Dancer),
Sara Oliver,
Kristina Hoyer (DBC),
Sara Lockhart (DBC),
Jenn Kelly (DBC),
Laura Freeman (DBC),
Jesse Adams (DBC),
Rehannon Pekny (Icicles),
Jamie Dukenart-Conti (Wild Bunch),
Brianne Bateman (DBC),
Billye Williams (DBC, Nuggets Dancer, 14ers, Aurora Cavalry Dancer),
Holly Nowick (Crossover),
Rachel Pisciotta,
Melissa Lopez-Aust (DBC)

* Parenthesis indicates former professional team(s) participated. These ladies are movers and shakers in the Colorado professional dance community.