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2006 - 2007 Nuggets Dancers In Action

2007 Wild Bunch In Action

Crush Girls 2007 Uniforms

Denver Nuggets Dancers Pre-Audition Workshop

Date: Thursday, June 21st
Time: 6:30-9:30 PM
Location: Pepsi Center

Are you or someone you know interested in auditioning to become a Denver Nuggets Dancer?

If so, then we recommend this pre-audition workshop.

In addition to performing at all of the Nuggets home games, the Denver Nuggets Dancers also:

* Appear on national television.
* Appear at events all around the world.
* Model for all promotional items (calendars, posters, etc.).
* Receive numerous incentives from sponsors.
* Receive extensive performance and dance training.
* And much, much, more!

The pre-audition class includes:

* General information on the Denver Nuggets Dancers and the audition process.
* Audition costume suggestions and examples.
* Tips for a successful interview.
* Dance technique and dance combinations similar to those that will be taught at the audition.
* Hair and make-up tips for auditions.


All participants must fill out a mandatory Registration Form and mail it to the address listed below:

Denver Nuggets Dancers
Attn: Sarah Schachterle
Pre-Audition Clinic
1000 Chopper Circle
Denver, Colorado 80204


All classes will be taught by current and former Denver Nuggets Dancers, the official salon of the Denver Nuggets Dancers, and the Director and Choreographer for the team.

The fee for the class is $45.00 per applicant (please see registration form). Please wear comfortable dance clothes and shoes (the audition attire is NOT required for this class). Bring a pen and paper.

Nuggets Dancers Audition Information

Preliminary Round: Saturday, July 14th

* Registration begins at 11:00 AM at Pepsi Center.
(There will be signs directing applicants to parking and the correct entrance.)
* Participants will be evaluated with an opportunity to be invited to the final round.

Final Round: Tuesday, July 17th

To all those applying: Nuggets Dancers Audition Information

* Requirements: You must be at least 18 years of age by July 14th. There is no age limit other than this. You must have a headshot. This does not have to be a professional picture; however, it should be no smaller than a 5x7 and a clear photograph of you and only you. You must have a dance resume. This should simply list any performance experience you may have, along with anything else you would like the judges to know. The Denver Nuggets Dancer “style” of dance is everything from jazz to hip-hop to novelty. There is no stunting or cheerleading involved. If you are looking to brush up before auditions, we recommend that you attend the PRE-AUDITION WORKSHOP.
Please note: the auditions are closed to observers, so please leave your family and friends at home.

* Audition Attire: The audition attire is a sports bra of some sort, long or short sleeve and briefs (if you are not sure what this looks like, picture a two piece leotard.) You will not be allowed to audition in dance pants or shorts.
Please note: only non-marking soles will be permitted on the dance floor. Your hair and make up should be done as if you were in a performance. If you need help with your hair and make-up, the official salon of the Denver Nuggets Dancers is “Salon Illuminate.” They can be reached at (303) 480-0100.

* Audition Format: The audition will begin with an “across the floor” routine consisting of basic technique (kicks, leaps, turns). Please do not be concerned if you have minimal dance training as many times judges are looking for potential. After this, the remaining applicants will learn a routine and perform it in groups for the judges. Those remaining will be asked back for a “boot camp” taking place in the days following the preliminary round. All rounds taking place on weekdays will be held in the evening. The final round of auditions will take place on Tuesday, July 17th in the evening.

**It is best to not make any other plans for the day of preliminaries as there is no exact time for the audition to end.

* Time Commitment: The time commitment during the season is between 10 and 15 hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. During the NBA season, rehearsals will be held twice a week in the evenings. Prior to the start of the season, rehearsals will be held three times a week. The rehearsals will all take place in the evening. There will be a mandatory training camp held either the end of July or the beginning of August (dates TBD). All those selected for the team will be required attend the training camp with no exceptions. Games are played on both weekday and weekend evenings. On game days, the Dancers are required to arrive at the arena by 4:40 PM. The position is not full time. All of the Denver Nuggets Dancers are either full-time students, or have full-time jobs. The position is paid on a per game basis and there are other forms of compensation as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know where to go when I arrive at the Pepsi Center?

A: There will be signs and people directing you to the correct entrance.

Q: Where can I brush up on my dance technique?

A: Contact the Director / Choreographer at and she can recommend a dance studio or personal instructor.

Q: How many Dancers do you take?

A: Anywhere from 12-20 Dancers.

Q: How many spots are open?

A: Technically all of them. All of the current Dancers are required to re-audition.

Q: How many people usually audition?

A: Last year we had a little over two hundred women audition. Between 25 and 30 applicants are taken to the final round.

Q: I can’t make it on July 14th. Is there any other way to audition?

A: No. Due to the high volume of applicants, we do not have any further auditions nor do we accept video submissions.

Good Luck! We hope to see you at the auditions.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Belles Selected to be the Exclusive Cover Models for Two New Fictional Romance Novel Series

Darnell Spirit Productions, the book publishers just for cheer and dance, have selected the Belles Performance Team to provide all the cover models for 2 new fictional romance novel series. The first, Sideline Romances, are adult romance stories centered around the world of cheerleading. The second, Spotlight Romances, is centered around the world of dance.

After working together to create the cover for the book The Ultimate Guide to Successful Semi Pro Spirit Teams, Melissa Darnell of DSP and Cher Fox of the BPT agreed that the BPT would be a great partner in producing the covers for these new romance series.

"The Belles have such a versatile and chameleon look as an independent spirit team," shares Fox. "We change uniforms frequently, have a variety of colors and styles to choose from, as well as offer a new group of possible models with each 6 month season." Fox adds, "The level of beauty and talent of the dancers we have each season is amazing and we are honored to have the opportunity to continue to represent professional entertainment in these new series."

Fox, Owner and Executive Director of the BPT, was selected as the cover model for the first Sideline Romance novel, Missed Performances. Additional BPT members, Wendy K., Erica H., Tiffany K. and Amber P. are featured as additional fictional team members in satellite pictures on the cover.

Darnell contacted Fox in February of this year, "The Belles have the type of team uniforms and look that we're needing for these cover models, and many of the ladies (including Fox) would be perfect for these covers. The red and blue uniforms are perfect for the type of look the cheer-themed Sideline Romances Series will be shooting for, and the purple and black uniforms match what we'll be going for with the dance-themed Spotlight Romances Series."

Fox was surprised at her selection by Darnell as the cover model to represent the first book. "I am so excited to be the first cover model for this series. Representing this heroine and the face readers will recall as they take this journey, is a treasured opportunity for me. I look forward to the production of future covers with additional members of the BPT."

Former BPT member, Jamie K., has been preselected for the second cover in the Sideline series, Homecoming. The first two novels are authored by Savannah Austin. The cover models' photography is provided by Harvey Simring of Hot Shots Photography, current business partner of the BPT.

Visit Darnell Spirit Productions online today to order your soon to be released copy of Missed Performances!

Denver Outlaws Dance Team Auditions


The Denver Outlaws are excited to announce tryouts for their 2007 Dance Team. Candidates from all over Colorado will now be able to show their love for dance and support for the Outlaws, by trying out for the team.

Outlaws dance director, April Glaser, will lead the tryouts on April 14th at INVESCO Field at Mile High. April has an extensive cheer and dance background and has been a Denver Broncos Cheerleader for the last three seasons. She recently received her yoga license and volunteers at the Boulder Mental Health Center working with youth and adolescents, as well as donating her time to many other charity organizations.

The dance team will support the Outlaws from the sidelines during games, interact with fans at breaks in the action, and assist with on-field contests. At half time, the team will perform a short choreographed routine on the field. Dance team members will also make numerous community appearances on behalf of the Outlaws during the season.

For additional tryout information and/or specific questions, please email April at